There are all kinds of ways to boost your creativity, from notebooks to apps and everything in between. We’ve tried coloring, meditation and even a few cleaning techniques. But it turns out, according to science (the American Psychological Association, to be exact), a messy desk is what really can help you curate your creative mind. YES!

The study had people work in both a messy work environment and a clean one. The results suggest that a de-cluttered room helps you make smarter choices, like eating better and giving to charity, while a messier room helps inspire creativity and thinking outside the box.

There’s a fine line between a messy desk and just plain slovenly, but even just a little dishevelment can help trigger creative solutions. When too much focus is put on cleanliness, some studies say, the need to please and conform overrides the mind’s ability to think outside the lines. The minutiae of maintaining the order leaves little room for free-flowing thoughts.

So next time your boss walks by your desk and raises her eyebrows, you can confidently tell her that your creative juices are flowing and there’s no need to be alarmed at the stacks of paper, folders and office supplies!

What’s the best idea you’ve had while sitting at a messy desk? Tell us in the comments!