Art and fashion lovers know New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art as the ultimate place for seemingly endless art exhibits — and the powerhouse institution behind the glitzy and glamorous annual Met Gala. But with its newest offering, the museum is about to become fitness lovers‘ new favorite place.


The Museum Workout” is the Met’s take on creative exercising. Participants sweat it out inside the museum, among precious and historic works of art, while following an exhibit route curated by Maira Kalman, a designer and illustrator. The moves were choreographed by the Monica Bill Barnes & Company, and the workout is led by Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass, dressed in their best sequins and sneakers.

There are no kettle bells, exercise balls or other fitness accessories used during the workout. It’s just you and your muscles, grooving to pop songs and contemplative offerings from Maira Kalman.

Ready to ditch your weekly SoulCycle class for some art-inspired sweating? Get yourself to New York City ASAP. Only early birds will be able to take part in the workout, which is held at 8:30am, Thursday to Sunday for the next three weeks. Considering this workout basically puts you one step closer to living out your From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler daydreams, there’s no way you can pass up this opportunity!

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(h/t The New Yorker, photos via Getty and Getty/Dario Cantatore)