With smartphones, laptops, cars, iPads, and iPods, you pretty much always have access to some sort of music. But unless you’re a truly epic (and a bit obsessive) playlist creator, a lot of times the music you’re listening to may not exactly match your mood. What if your music player could smartly detect whether you needed to hear a pump up jam, a soothing track, or just some throwback Spice Girls? The new Mico by Neurowear might be able to do just that!

The system consists of a set of patented headphones and an iPhone app. It claims to be “music inspiration from your subconscious.” The headphones have a small piece that presses against your forehead that can detect brain waves. The app then uses an algorithm against those brain wave patterns and plays music according to your mood.

Because you’re not getting music from a predetermined playlist, you’ll be discovering new music as you use the system. And that new music will hit you at exactly the right time, according to your mood, so you’re more likely to be able to appreciate the things you’re hearing. One minute it might program some old school slow jams (can I get some Whitney Houston up in here?), the next it may hit you up with newer, fast-paced tunes like “Blurred Lines.”

The algorithm learns from users, meaning that the more people who use the device, the better it will get. Mico isn’t currently on the market, but the concept debuted at SXSW last year. We’re hoping it is released commercially soon so we can get our hands… er, ears… on it!

Would you use the Mico headphones? Any secrets to how you listen to music? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!