Future Hollywood starlets take note: you could become the star of your very own sitcom simply by recording videos with you computer鈥檚 webcam. Case in point: Youtube star Miranda Sings鈥 new Netflix series.

Over the past eight years, Colleen Ballinger-Evans has become a viral sensation via her alter ego, Miranda Sings. Miranda is a super confident but totally untalented young woman focused on one thing and one thing only: fame. Recognized primarily by her messy red lips and generally disheveled appearance, Miranda Sings鈥 Youtube channel boasts 5.7 million subscribers and over 700 million views. She鈥檚 also made appearances on Jerry Seinfeld鈥檚 series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Jimmy Fallon鈥檚 Tonight Show.

Known for her short temper and sarcastic wit, Miranda released a video today revealing the news. In the video (deceptively titled, 鈥淚鈥檓 Pregnant鈥) Miranda says, 鈥淚 thought I would do some charity work this year and that鈥檚 why I wanted to help out Netflix. You know, it鈥檚 this little website and I thought I could really help them out, get their feet off the ground as their starting to launch this new website.鈥 She goes on to explain she said she鈥檚 鈥減regnant鈥 because pregnant women feel stressed and get sick and she鈥檚 been feeling all those things since the start of her new series.

While multiple Youtubers have made the shift from computers to television screens recently (like Todrick Hall and Grace Helbig), Colleen鈥檚 new deal marks the first-ever scripted streaming series for a YouTube personality. The new eight-part series will be titled 鈥淗aters Back Off鈥 and will focus on the oddball family life of Miranda Sings. No launch date has been revealed yet, but if we know one thing it鈥檚 that Miranda is not a very patient person so we鈥檙e guessing you won鈥檛 have to wait too long.

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(Photo via Gabriel Olsen/Getty)