Hosting Easter brunch requires checking off *lots* of to-dos: First, you start out with the most important things like finding your favorite egg recipes and nailing down the colorful spring cocktails. Then, you dream up your pretty brunch place settings and whip up a few DIY Easter decorations. Party favors are a total must if you’re looking to really wow your guests. This year, show your friends and fam that you’re the hostess with the mostess with these 20 modern favors that are sure to outshine even the Easter bunny.


1. DIY Bunny Printable Party Favor Labels: You can’t say no to a sweet treat on Easter. Send your guests off with candies or cookies in little DIYed drawstring bags. Pick up a few at the craft store or online and DL this printable to help nail the look. (via I Heart Nap Time)


2. DIY Jumbo Polka Dot Eggs: Plastic eggs are totally Easter’s BFF. Snag a bag of classic pastel jumbos and take them to the next level by dotting with a gold paint pen. Finish it off with a cute motivational message inside and set them on each place setting for an ultra chic vibe. (via Sugar + Cloth)


3. DIY Bunny Chalk: Everyone loves playing with chalk, which makes this DIY perfect for adults and kiddos. Before the party, make a batch of these little bunnies to give out to all of your loved ones, because what’s better than getting your creativity on after Sunday brunch? (via A Bubbly Life)


4. DIY Easter Tins: If you DIYed baskets last Easter, go for mini tins this year. Decorate a set and give them to each guest as the perfect basket alternative. Kick them up a notch by incorporating little trinkets like pins and gilded animals. (via Oh Joy!)


5. DIY Mini Jewelry Dish: Say hello to your new fave tray that your guests will also love. Mini jewelry dishes are ideal for party favors, and you can DIY a few just by mixing up your favorite pastel paint colors in small craft box lids. Once they’re dry you’re good to go. (via Paper + Stitch)


6. DIY Brushstroke Leather Planters: Who can resist a modern planter? DIY these brushstroke leather beauties by upcycling a few cans and covering in leather hide. Top it off with a few strokes of your favorite paint and get ready for your guests to be seriously impressed with your work. (via A Bubbly Life)


7. DIY Bunny Pie Box Printable: When hosting any party, there’s bound to be tons of leftovers. Make these bunny pie boxes so you can wrap up the extra desserts to send home with your guests. Click through to the post for a free template that’ll make your life a whole lot easier. (via A Subtle Revelry)


8. Rope Wrapped Easter Tins: Wrap your way to the cutest Easter baskets ever! These tins work for kids and adults alike and would even be good for storage once all the candy is (sadly) gone. (via Brit + Co)


9. DIY Easter Carrot Tubes: Easter isn’t complete without a few carrots for the bunnies. Create these DIY carrots using candy tubes and gum balls. Just add tissue-paper greens, tie on a little note and your party favors are complete. (via The TomKat Studio)


10. DIY Easter Bunny Lollipops: Looking for something that’s super budget-friendly but also perfect for the whole crowd? Cover lollipops in tissue paper and glue on paper ears and a bowtie for a favor that’s adorable *and* cheap. (via Studio DIY)


11. DIY Mini Flower Bouquets: Keeping it classy is never a bad thing. Whip up these flower bouquets to leave at every place setting. They’re easy, chic and are sure to brighten up your table. (via Homey Oh My!)


12. DIY Candy Nests: The juxtaposition of the natural box with the colorful jelly beans makes this DIY favor one that your guests won’t forget. Looking for that finishing touch? Put your hand-lettering skills to the test and customize each mini nest. (via Coco and Mingo)


13. DIY Bunny Tail Trail Mix: What’s better than a party favor that you can snack on before the egg hunt? Whip up a batch of this trail mix and toss it in a berry basket with green crinkle paper for a show-stopping presentation. (via Petite Party Studio)


14. DIY Stenciled Favor Bags: If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands, paint a few drawstring bags with cute bunny designs. Fill ’em up by sticking a few pieces of candy in for a quick and easy gift to thank your guests for coming. (via Craft-O-Maniac)


15. DIY Candlestick Easter Egg Holder: Pick up a few wooden candlesticks to display all those hand-painted, hand-lettered and absolutely gorgeous Easter eggs. They make for perfect pedestals and your guests will love taking this home to decorate their mantel or dining table. (via Brit + Co)


16. DIY Fry Box Bunny: If you’re in need of a treat container to send home with your party-goers, head to your local craft store to snag a set of fry boxes and some googly eyes. You’ll be on your way to creating a DIY treat box that your friends and fam will love in no time. (via Eighteen25)


17. DIY Emoji Easter Eggs: Emoji are one of the best things, like, ever. Spend some time “painting” these eggs to give to peeps that attend your Sunday brunch. Pro tip: DIY ones that *most* remind you of your friends and then add their name to the back for a unique touch. (via Brit + Co)


18. DIY Easter Bunny Treat Pouches: If you’re searching for last-minute Easter favors, this one’s the DIY for you. It’s a pouch made out of computer paper and pom poms, which you probably already have laying around the house. Create the body of the bunny with the paper and pop on the pom poms, then fill it with candy-coated eggs. The result is almost too cute to rip into. (via Studio DIY)


19. Color Dipped Woven Baskets: Oh, hello beautiful modern basket. Instead of picking up a few baskets at the store, opt for this dip-dyed woven DIY. All you need for this 10-minute DIY is some acrylic paint, painter’s tape and a few baskets. Before long, you’ll have the most beautiful favors your guests have ever seen. (via Brit + Co)


20. DIY Jelly Bean Favor: If you’re looking for a favor that takes only five minutes to create but is still totes adorbs, this jelly bean cup is calling your name. Really, it’s so simple you’ll be wondering what other things you can DIY for your party in your extra spare time. (via Made to be a Momma)

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