When you’re planning a vacation, you probably look to resorts, hotels and even apartments for accommodations. But there’s another lodging option you’ve likely overlooked that can be just as relaxing — a yurt. Yurts are round structures with cone-shaped roofs. And actually, they’ve been around for thousands of years and have been a primary style of housing in Central Asia. Today, luxury yurts are sought after as vacation spots and even houses across the U.S., Canada and Europe. And after seeing these yurts, you’ll want to book your next trip to one — or just move in.

1. Green Acres Yurt: Drive east of Austin and you’ll stumble upon this modern glamping tent, which is available on Airbnb. The door opens to rustic decor, including a wooden table, plenty of poufs and lush bedding. (via Lauren Kelp)

2. Santa Barbara Yurt: This guest yurt at a Santa Barbara ranch features an African tribal shield above the bed, as well as a vintage pendant lamp and reclaimed wood for the bathroom washstand. The result is a light and airy space that we wouldn’t mind living in. (via Magazine C)

3. Western Yurt: This yurt’s floor is covered in colorful Western rugs layered on each other, and the bed features a mix of interesting patterns that go wonderfully together. The exposed wooden beams also add to the Western feel. (via Domino)

4. Czech Republic Yurt: Retreat to a yurt in a meadow surrounded by fruit trees in the small village of Chlum. The yurt, which is available on Airbnb, features a canopy bed and plenty of sunny rays from the skylight. (via Airbnb)

5. Shelter Co. Yurts: Though not technically yurts, these definitely look like the real thing inside. The tents can be set up anywhere, whether it’s for a camping trip or a wedding. They feature full beds, wool blankets, area rugs and even lounge seating to create a true camping oasis. (via Shelter Co.)

6. Backyard Office Yurt: This couple built a spacious yurt in their backyard that doubles as an office and relaxing retreat. They decorated with colorful bedding and rugs and placed a large light in the center of the room. Talk about an inspirational workspace! (via Apartment Therapy)

7. Yurt Glamping in the UK: The Priory Bay Yurt in the UK is big enough to fit a bed and couch, and it even features an ensuite bathroom. Not too shabby for a camping trip, eh? (via Bold Magazine)

8. Adirondack Yurt: Nestled in the Adirondack Mountains, this 250-square-foot yurt was hand built by a Brooklyn couple. Over the years, they’ve added a second yurt, cooking area, sauna and even a zip line. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. West Wood Yurts: You’ll definitely want to stay in this UK yurt village. Accommodations feature a skylight, waterproof cover and wooden doors hand painted in colorful patterns. Each yurt sits on a deck complete with a picnic table, gas stove and barbecue to enjoy a meal with friends and family. (via Adero)

10. Energy-Conscious Yurts: Inhabitat writer Rachel Ross worked with her husband to create a series of Energy Star-rated yurts in the woods of Nelson, B.C. in Canada. This house uses 30 percent less energy and is just as beautiful as it is efficient. Every room has skylights and sun tubes — and did we mention the insanely tall ceilings? (via Inhabitat)

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