Ever wanted to sleep in a tree house? What about an igloo? It鈥檚 pretty clear that travel these days can get a bit monotonous 鈥 land, arrive at hotel, unpack, go to the beach, eat at said hotel, sleep and repeat. That鈥檚 why we鈥檝e rounded up some extravagant travel accommodations that will scare, excite and amaze you. From haunted ships to underground caves to floating rooms, we鈥檝e found 11 out-of-this-world hotels that are a little bit luxury and a little bit crazy. So grab your travel essentials and your best traveling outfits, and get ready for a stay that will blow your mind.

1. El Cosmico: If you鈥檙e in the mood to explore the desert, head to this 18-acre 鈥渘omadic hotel鈥 in Marfa, Texas. Choose to stay in a renovated trailer, a safari tent, a Sioux-style teepee or even a yurt. Have fun exploring the communal spaces, including an outdoor kitchen, a hammock grove and a reading room. At night, you can venture into the desert and marvel at the canopy of stars.

2. Kelebek Special Cave Hotel: You can mark 鈥渟tay in a cave鈥 off your bucket list with a trip to Turkey. The suites at the Kelebek have surprisingly spacious cave bedrooms that are accented with locally made fabrics and hand-crafted furniture. One of the building鈥檚 caves has been turned into a luxurious Turkish bath, complete with saunas and amazing marble finishes.

3. The Queen Mary: Permanently docked in Long Beach, California, the Queen Mary had a long history as a world-class ocean liner, making her maiden voyage in 1936. Stay in one of the 346 original first-class staterooms and experience what it was like to travel in style back in the 鈥30s and 鈥40s. Just look out for one of the many ghosts that are said to haunt the ship鈥檚 hull.

4. Whitepod Eco-luxury Hotel: High in the Swiss Alps in the village of Les Cerniers, Whitepod is comprised of individual pods heated by wood-burning stoves. With the goal of keeping the Swiss Alps pristine, Whitepod is the epitome of ecotourism, and the perfect escape for anyone looking to get away from noisy, busy city life.

5. The Caves Hotel & Spa: Built into the limestone cliffs of Negril, Jamaica, The Caves features 12 cliffside rooms with views that are not ideal for those with acrophobia. The Caves鈥 onsite restaurant offers amazing different settings, from an oceanfront gazebo to a stone table at the cliff鈥檚 edge or even inside a private, candlelit cave.

6. ICEHOTEL: The world鈥檚 first hotel built of ice and snow, the ICEHOTEL is located in a small village in northern Sweden. A living work of art, the hotel is constructed every year between November and December and is open to the public between December and April. At the end of the season, the hotel melts and the ice returns to where it began, the Torne River. The ice rooms, at a standard -5 degrees, come with fur blankets and a 鈥渟urvival course鈥 so you stay safe and warm.

7. Costa Rica Tree House Lodge: Built in and around a 100-year-old Sangrillo tree, the Tree House Lodge is filled with sustainable, hand-carved furniture and gorgeous birds of paradise flowers. Stroll across the suspension bridge to your private bungalow in the trees and immerse yourself in the Costa Rican jungle.

8. Autocamp: The perfect combination of retro and modern, Autocamp offers visitors a chance to stay in one of 5 beautifully renovated vintage Airstreams. Located just a 5-minute bike ride from downtown Santa Barbara, Autocamp is also coming soon to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Ventura Beach.

9. Cocoa Island by COMO: Threatened by rising sea levels, the Maldives won鈥檛 be around forever. But with 33 intimate overwater suites like the ones at Cocoa Island, we hope they stick around long enough for us to get there. Walk onto your own suite inspired by the local dhoni boats, and then slip right into the lagoon from your private terrace.

10. The Liberty Hotel: Built in 1851, the Liberty Hotel was once known as the Charles Street Jail and home to Boston鈥檚 worst criminals for 120 years. But after a $150 million renovation, the Liberty Hotel has turned into one of the city鈥檚 most luxurious accommodations. Ask the concierge for a tour to get the full lowdown on its history as a jail and who spent years within its walls.

11. Palacio de Sal: Bolivia鈥檚 Salar de Uyuni is the world鈥檚 largest salt flat and is a stunning must-see for any intrepid traveler. But while you鈥檙e there, be sure to book a stay at the Palacio de Sal, which takes advantage of the area鈥檚 most plentiful resource: salt. Literally, everything in the hotel 鈥 from floor to ceiling 鈥 is made of salt. Don鈥檛 miss out on a cozy meal in the hotel鈥檚 dining room; it鈥檚 sure to be well seasoned. (Photo via Uniq Hotels)

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