Remember Tinkertoys? Those connector sets with pieces that fit oh-so perfectly together and could be made into structures of all different shapes and sizes? Well, we think industrial designers Andrew Personette and Matt Tyson must’ve loved them. Meet their new invention: Modos, a furniture system that is modular, can be assembled without tools and is perfect for the 40 million Americans that move every year.

“We wanted to create high quality flat-pack furniture that is easy to assemble, ecologically sound, long-lasting, and most of all, reconfigurable,” they say, and it’s no surprise that when they set out to fund their system of connectors and boards on Kickstarter, they easily exceeded their goal of $20,000.

The brilliant design is as simple as can be — especially for those of us who tire of simple-yet-somehow-confusing IKEA directions. Aluminum connectors bind plywood boards together to create sturdy configurations. By inserting a board into the connector, the aluminum is forced to flex and compress on the neighboring board, further increasing the friction.

You can use Modos directions to create shelves, standing desks and more, or you can dream up your own structure. And the best part? These materials are totally sustainable. Modos teamed up with Columbia Forest Products on the plywood. Each board is made of 15 layers of wood, making it 3/4″ thick, then it’s pre-finished with maple or walnut veneers. The result is super durable and ultra slick.

With the funds from their campaign, the two Brooklynites are working on making Modos shipping-ready by this fall. They’re hoping mass production will bring the price down, but for now you can buy kits ranging from $75-$550. One thing’s for sure: Modos will revolutionize the way urbanites move. Since it’s so easy to put up and break down, consumers are more likely to take it with them when changing apartments, drastically cutting back on the amount of furniture you’ll see stacked on the sidewalk. And if you see this stacked on the sidewalk, holler at us, because we’ll TAKE IT.

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