Happy Mother’s Day! Though we’re sure you’re all busy pampering your mamas, being pampered or scrambling to make something at the last minute — we’re guessing you might also have time for a dose of Instagram awesomeness.

Jersey-based yoga instructor Laura Kasperzak and her daughter Mini (yes, Mini!) might be the most adorable mom and daughter we’ve ever seen. They’ve taken Instagram by storm with snapshots from their daily yoga practice, complete with coordinating outfits and big bright smiles.

We love this series for a lot of reasons. First off, the natural, organic feeling of each of these photos makes you want to be part of their family! Next, the outfits. I mean, how many awesome leggings can one mom and daughter have?! And third, we are SUPER into the act of making exercise fun, for kids and grownups alike. A limelight-lover like Mini can’t help but get ready for her closeup, so why not do it while strengthening her core? :)

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