So here’s the thing about tattoos: they’re permanent. If you’re on the fence about a design you’ve been toying with for a while it can be hard to make the call when the stakes are so high. I mean, we can barely even decide on what to eat for dinner. Sure, you can try to use a sharpie to bring your idea to life but let’s be honest, it’s not going to look like the real thing no matter how hard you try. Enter: Momentary Ink.

momentary ink

This temporary tattoo company allows you to give your tattoo idea a test drive. Consider it a “try before you buy” sort of deal. After you’ve nailed down a design, upload the art to the Momentary Ink’s website. Pop in the dimensions and the tattoo will be shipped to your door. Apply it as you would any other temporary tattoo and brush on their secret solution.

The beauty of Momentary Ink’s tats is that they look totally real – no shiny coating here. The company doesn’t disclose what exactly goes into their secret solution but we’re guessing it works a little bit of mattifying magic that gives these tats a shockingly realistic feel.

momentary ink 2
momentary ink 1

The tattoos are water resistant and meant to last for anywhere from 3-10 days. For a design up to 4″ one tattoo will cost $15, for one that’s 8″ or more be prepared to shell out $21. This could also be a great temporary option if you’re not sure just how big you want to go. Or it could help you decide once and for all that you actually don’t want a giant slice of pizza tattooed on your lower back.

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(Photos via @turnedpro and @momentary_ink)