No woman loves everything about motherhood. Try as we might, there are some parts that are more challenging than others. Still, we love our kids, and even when we’re completely drained, there’s always something that drives us. Maybe it’s seeing our babies smile at us, or perhaps we’ve made a positive connection to family mealtimes or reading bedtime stories. Whatever the case, every mom has a few big motivators that help her get through the day. We asked a few moms to share their favorite part of motherhood, and their answers will make you want to run and hug your own baby (even if they’ve grown much past that phase).

1. “Seeing each child develop their own personality and humor. Then noticing how much of you is a part of them.” – Jenny, Port St. Lucie, FL

2. “Watching him develop into his own person. There’s no way to describe it really. He went from this little babbling baby to a little dude who likes to dance and climb and swim. He’s so full of life. It’s really just awesome.” – Kristina, Coopertown, FL

3. “My favorite part about motherhood is experiencing wholehearted, joyous love without fear, shame, or self-doubt. But I’m also here for all the fart jokes.” – Emily, Oneonta, NY

4. “The sweet smell of newborn breath, the tiny fingers and toes, wispy hairs, toddler belly giggles, watching them be absolutely fearless, the pride you feel when they do amazing things, seeing the love my daughters have for one another, snuggling, the moment when your kid is being awful and you’re about to lose it but then they do something funny and you have to tap out… Do I have to choose just one?” – Lauren, Salisbury Township, PA

5. “Watching him grow and learn daily. His laugh is contagious.” – Jenn, Gainesville, FL

6. “I think my favorite part is helping them through something REALLY hard, or watching them figure it out on their own. Witnessing their growth is inspiring and beautiful to watch. And it happens all the time, in small and huge ways.” – Sarah, Baltimore, MD

7. “Watching my son be spontaneously kind, and knowing I helped make the world a kinder place by bringing him here.” – Jillian, Burlington, VT

8. “Feeling your heart expand larger than you ever thought it could.” – Mary, Austin, TX

9. “Cuddling and watching them learn and play. I can watch kids for hours and never get bored, and watching my own girls flourish is the best thing ever. It’s those moments when they’re laughing and playing that you forget about the screaming and crying and it makes it all worth it.” – Arlene, Denver, CO

10. “The moment my son sees me when I come to pick him up from daycare and runs to me. No one has ever been that excited to see me.” – Kimberly, Huntington, NY

11. “Honestly, lately my favorite part is watching these little humans I gave birth to develop the most amazingly funny personalities. And sarcasm! When they get sarcasm for the first time? THE BEST. The other night my seven-year-old roasted me so bad: We were watching snowboarding, and I jokingly said, ‘I could do that!’ And she said, ‘Mom, you can’t even walk down stairs without holding the rail.’ She’s savage. Oh, and the mixed up words. My three-year-old told me the other day that something was ‘real-a-lipstick.’ She meant realistic, but I’ll say real-a-lipstick from now on because it’s perfect.” – Jayme, Los Angeles, CA

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