When J.Lo said, “Love don’t cost a thing,” we’re pretty sure that she wasn’t talking about weddings. By the time you finish planning, pinning + budgeting for your big day, you’re honeymoon fund is pretty much spent. But since you probably already have all the pots and pans you need, there’s no shame in foregoing the wedding registry and asking for a little dough to fund that dream honeymoon of yours. Get a little help from your friends and family with these creative and classy ways to fund your dream honeymoon. You’ll be lounging in the sand with a drink in your hand in no time. Now, show us the money!

something turquoise

1. DIY Honeymoon Photo Jar: For a cute and straightforward way to collect money from your guests, make this DIY photo jar with a picture of your honeymoon destination. Keep it on the welcome table or an easily visible spot so that you can watch the cash flow in. Dolla dolla bills, y’all. (via Something Turquoise)

un beau jour

2. Globetrotter Card Collector: For the traveling couple that has dreams of seeing the world on their honeymoon, there’s no better way to collect your travel funds than with a personalized globe. Paint it however you want to fit your wedding style and cut out a big enough slot for all those cards, letters and, most importantly, cash! (Photo via Un Beau Jour)


3. Waen Large Geometric Box ($160): Spice up your romantic wedding with this modern addition! Playing up the geometry wedding trend, you can easily transform this lovely glass box with flowers from your centerpieces, and use it to collect cards from your guests. After your wedding, make it a jewelry box or a planter.

Funny Fox Printables

4. Funny Fox Printables Wedding Sign ($1.50): Create a display for your cards and gifts with this affordable print. Your guests won’t be able to miss it when they walk into your fabulous reception.

blue print regestry

5. Online Honeymoon Registry: TBH, the best new thing for your registry is to create an online honeymoon registry. This way your friends and family can donate money to your honeymoon fund online. Include a link on your wedding website or invitation and your guests will easily be able to contribute to your big trip. (via Blueprint Registry)

sething turquoise2

6. DIY Honeymoon Fund Frame: Some people like to keep their money right where they can see it. This honeymoon fund frame is the perfect DIY project to keep you on track. Fill the background with a photograph of your desired destination and guests will be more inclined to drop in the dough every time they see it. (via Something Turquoise)

cherry blossom paperie

7. For Music Lovers: This velvet guitar case is sending out some serious Almost Famous vibes. Combine your love of music notes and banknotes to create the perfect card collector for all that moo-lah coming your way. (Photo via Chelsea Moreland Photography / Cherry Blossom Paper)

Raquel Sergio

8. Vintage Suitcase Card Sign: Dust off that old suitcase you have in the back of your closet and decorate it with a cute garland and a bit of lace to achieve that full-on vintage feel. The giant “cards” sign is a dead giveaway for where their guests should place their honeymoon donations. (Photo via Raquel Sergio / Ruffled Blog)

keeping casey designs

9. Keeping Casey Designs Our Honeymoon Wish ($6): Order this downloadable print to include in your invitation suite to let everyone know that gifts aren’t necessary, but honeymoon donations are encouraged. This will inform your guests that you’re not registered anywhere and that all they need is their checkbook. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Kate Mathis

10. Travel Keepsake Kits: Planning a worldwide journey after you tie the knot? All you need are some wooden boxes, stencils and your favorite colored paints, and you are well on your way to making the perfect keepsake kit. Display them at your reception to give your guests the option to donate to your trip. Afterwards, store all your keepsakes inside for a trip down memory lane on your wedding anniversary. (Photo via Kate Mathis / Martha Stewart)


11. Breations Honeymoon Shower Invitation ($12): In place of a traditional bridal shower or engagement party, why not throw a honeymoon shower?! Gather your friends and family for a fun evening of toasting the happy couple (AKA you), and make a little cash to put towards your honeymoon by playing fun games and collecting cards.


12. DIY Honeymoon Fund Sign: Sometimes your guests need more than a subtle hint. In lieu of flashing arrows toward a card table, make a honeymoon fund sign and place it on a big glass jar where they can easily slip cash contributions to a fairy tale destination far, far away. (Photo via The Knot)

Green Photographic

13. Traveler’s Briefcase: Searching for a vintage suitcase is always a good excuse to rummage thrift stores for unique wedding finds. Include a map of the world or a photograph of your honeymoon destination and watch it fill up with all those cash-filled cards. (Photo via Green Photographic / Love My Dress)

Desiree Shuey

14. Destination Honeymoon Jar: Letting your guests know exactly where you’re going let’s them know that their money is going to a good cause. Think of this recycled wine jug as an oversized piggy bank for your traveling dreams. (Photo via Desiree Shuey / The Wedding Chicks)


15. Honeyfund: This fantastic start up allows you to register for your honeymoon online. Have your guests sign your guest book and donate to your honeymoon all in one spot. A trip to somewhere tropical sure beats a new toaster.

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