Moms love monograms; this is a proven fact (research pending). But seriously, have you ever heard of those studies where researchers study the correlation between pupil dilation and excitement? When Moms see monograms, their pupils go nuts (disclaimer: I am not a scientist). This year, skip the mall and try DIYing a gift instead. Our Wood Burnt Cheese Board Kit is the perfect gift for even the pickiest of mothers. We’ll show you how to customize it with a monogram, and how to add a cute message that’s sure to give Mom the warm fuzzies. Pair this customized board with a printable Mother’s Day card and call it a day!


This is definitely going to be a challenging gift to beat next year.


Materials included in the kit:

– wood cheese board

– wood burning tool with 4 bit attachments and alphabet bit attachments

– practice piece

Materials not included in the kit:

– pliers

– pencil

Get your materials together (or buy the kit HERE), and let’s get started!


1. Draw your design directly onto the wood cheese board using pencil.

2. Practice your wood burning on a practice piece before moving onto the wood board.

3. We use a chisel tip to burn in the laurel detail.

4. Outline the monogram, then fill it in using a hash pattern.

5. Using your pliers, unscrew the chisel tip and switch to the leaf-shaped tip. Allow the tool to heat up again.

6. Burn in the leaf designs along the laurels. Make sure you finish burning in the designs on both sides of the board before switching to the alphabet bits.

7. Switch to the alphabet bit to burn in your message.

8. Erase any visible pencil marks, and you’re finished!


Start by drawing out your design directly onto the cheeseboard using your pencil. We chose to monogram one side and write a message on the other. We also drew in a laurel pattern to add some visual interest. For the monogram, print and cut out your mother’s initial then trace it directly onto the cheeseboard. When writing a message, like “Happy Mothers Day,” be sure to map out the spacing so that all the text fits!


For the fine details, we chose to use a chisel tip. When the tool is hot, practice a few strokes on the practice piece provided in the kit. Move onto the cheeseboard when you feel comfortable enough to.


First outline the monogram, then fill it in using a hash pattern. Feel free to draw the hash pattern in with pencil if that makes you feel more comfortable. Flip to the other side of the board and trace the vines with the chisel tip before moving on.


Using your pliers, twist the chisel tip off. Be careful; the tip is extremely hot. Switch to the leaf-shaped tip and allow the wood burning tool to heat up again.


Burn leaves all long the laurel.


And remember to switch to the other side.


When you’ve finished with the laurels, switch to the alphabet bits.


Pro-tip: Make sure to burn in all of the letters within the message as you have each bit screwed in. It cuts down on the amount of times you need to switch out the bits!


Erase any visible pencil marks, and you’re all done!


A fun way to wrap this great Mother’s Day present is to tie a dinner napkin around it.


And let her reveal the message inside.


Another fun way to present this awesome gift to your mom is to serve her breakfast in bed.


For every other day of the year, Mom can continue to use the monogrammed side of her cheeseboard.


Trust us, this DIY gift is going to be a slam dunk with Mom.

How are you customizing your cheeseboard for Mom? Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram and using the hashtag #iamcreative!

DIY Production and Styling: Marianne Koo
Photography: Brittany Griffin