Okay, okay. So you’re probably wondering: “What in the world is Moringa?” Moringa is an old Indian plant that has a million and one benefits that you are definitely going to want to find ASAP. From smoothie bowls to cupcakes, this delicious yet super healthy ingredient goes great in *almost* everything. It’s sure to help your already rocking bikini bod by reaping the benefits of this wholesome plant. Need a little more convincing to prove that this ingredient is perfect for creating seriously yummy bites? Keep scrolling for 15 sweet and savory Moringa recipes to make this summer.


1. Moringa Pancakes With Mushrooms: Pancakes are always a good idea for breakfast. Switch up your normal carb-loaded bites with these delicious veggie-topped cakes. (via Sweet Kabocha)


2. Whole Grain Moringa Bread: Love the combo of nutty and grainy? Then this no-sugar-added whole grain bread is for you! This healthy substitute to your normal sandwich essential is a must-make to keep around the house (via A Healthy Leaf)


3. Moringa Oatmeal: Start the day off the healthy way with this recipe. Whip up this gluten-free and vegan breakfast that is sure to give you a boost of energy that will last ’til lunchtime. (via The Nutty Scoop)


4. Moringa Superfood Smoothie: Flax seed, maca and tahini, oh my! This superfood-packed sip that only takes five minutes to make is definitely going to change your mind on what fast food means. (via Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen)


5. Apple, Rosemary & Moringa Gin Cooler: A healthy cocktail? Yes, please! This drink is perfect to relax with by the pool or sip on with your #girlsquad at happy hour. (via Aduna)


6. Moringa Guacamole: Who doesn’t love a little guac? By just adding a few spoonfuls of Moringa, you can take this recipe’s healthy level up a few notches. (via Urban Cultivator)


7. Chunky Monkey Moringa Smoothie: Chocolate, peanut butter and banana are a combination that *everyone* loves. Make your chunky monkey drink a little healthier with just a little plant powder that is also sure to have you feeling great. (via Making Thyme for Health)


8. Raw Moringa & Mint Chocolate Squares: Peppermint pattie lovers, this one’s for you! Combine your favorite flavors, mint and chocolate (duh!), to make these bites. Bonus: Make a double batch and throw them in the freezer for a snack that can last all month long. (via Aduna)


9. Moringa Chicken Soup: Chicken soup is good for you *and* your soul. Next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, make this four-ingredient soup to help you heal. (via Her Global Kitchen)


10. Green Pumpkin Seed Cupcakes: Healthy cupcakes never looked quite sooooooooooo good. These green pumpkin bites are sure to leave you wanting a little more without feeling like you ate all your calories for the day. (via Fresh Plant Flavor)


11. Vegan Superfood Ice Cream: Okay, so we know that healthy ice cream doesn’t sound that great, BUT this icy bite is definitely a dessert you’ll want to try. With just four ingredients, you can make your new favorite sweet treat. (via The Healthy Family and Home)


12. Creamy Matcha and Moringa Latte: Mornings are definitely not easy — unless you have the perfect drink to wake you up, of course. Give your morning routine a little boost with this delicious latte that will have you *never* buying coffee again. (via The Green Life)


13. Moringa and Beetroot Hummus: A little (or a *lot*) of hummus never hurt anyone! Mix up this afternoon snack that has a seriously gorgeous color, which makes it almost too pretty to eat. Almost! (via Urban Cultivator)


14. Key Lime Pie: Refreshing and citrusy Key Lime Pie is a go-to dessert for the summer, but this recipe takes the cake. Concoct this delicious bite to serve at your next Sunday brunch or bridal shower. (via Glamour)


15. Cacao & Matcha Moringaroons: Macaroons made healthy? Where can we sign up?! Make a batch of these bad boys for you and your besties to nom on by the pool. (via Breakfast Criminals)

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