We鈥檝e got all the Oscars tidbits you might have missed last night in this morning鈥檚 top news stories! Check 鈥檈m out below.

1. Did you wake up this morning still in disbelief about the on-stage mix up during the Oscars鈥 biggest award? Us too. If you turned off the TV and started tidying your snack carnage as soon as La La Land was announced for Best Picture, you probably missed the fact that there was actually a HUGE mistake, and Moonlight聽won the prestigious award. The on-stage shuffle that ensued to get the mistaken winners off-stage and the real winners on was PAINFULLY cringeworthy, but the La La Land crew did so more graciously than we can ever give them credit for. Emma Stone, who could be seen mouthing 鈥淥h my god. Oh my god,鈥 before smiling and moving offstage, later said in a press interview that while it was a confusing moment and a disappointment to be sure, she was unbelievably happy for the cast of the film that did win. When asked about the snafu, she replied, 鈥淵es of course, I鈥檓 an actor, I鈥檝e always dreamed of this kind of thing,鈥 but as for losing out for best picture, her excitement was genuine when she uttered the words, 鈥淚 f*cking love Moonlight! God I love Moonlight! So much. I am SO excited for Moonlight. I think we would have loved to win best picture. But we are SO excited for Moonlight. I think it鈥檚 one of the best films of all time, so I was pretty beside myself.鈥 Class act! (Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)

2. This whispering Ryan Gosling meme was the TRUE Oscars winner of the night. During one bit of last night鈥檚 epic show, a bus full of Hollywood tourists, who thought they were simply there to check out an exhibit of Oscars gowns, were actually led into the room where the live event was happening. As the line of shocked and excited movie fans schmoozed with their fave stars in the front few rows, taking selfies and shaking hands, Ryan Gosling had a moment with one very excited woman in particular. A pic of her shocked reaction to him seemingly whispering something in her ear instantly became a viral hit. People captioned the pic with imaginings of what sweet nothings Gosling might have been telling her, including everything from winner predictions to the fact that they were all Russian spies. Internet, never change.

3. Chrissy Teigen asleep at the Oscars is all of us. During Casey Affleck鈥檚 controversial win for Actor in a Leading Role, most smiled politely and cheered, but Chrissy Teigen couldn鈥檛 be bothered. Girl was asleep 鈥 or pretending to be 鈥 on husband John Legend鈥檚 shoulder. In her defense, the show HAD already been running for about three hours at that point, so we can鈥檛 really blame her, but many on Twitter pre-emptively called her their Monday spirit animal after the shade (which, same). As for Teigen herself, she later joked, 鈥淛ust woke up, what happened?鈥

4. Emma Stone was NOT here for Justin Timberlake鈥檚 red carpet photobomb. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were their usual goofy selves on the red carpet, with Timberlake jumping into the back of Biel鈥檚 pics while her stunning gold gown was being photographed. He attempted to do the same to Emma Stone, mugging behind her as she was giving an interview, but she either didn鈥檛 notice or refused to acknowledge him for quite some time. When she did finally acknowledge him, her screw face (whether in jest or otherwise) said it all: Let this Oscar-nominated actress have their dang minute on camera!

5. Nicole Kidman can鈥檛 clap. During Viola Davis鈥檚 emotional acceptance speech, Nicole Kidman was filmed applauding as enthusiastically as everyone else, only her clapping looked a little鈥 different than most. The internet soon caught on, and yet another meme was born.

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淲ent to sleep early last night. So鈥hat I miss?鈥 Steve Harvey, who once announced the wrong Miss Universe winner, reacts perfectly to the Oscars mix-up.

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(Featured photo via Kevin Winter/Getty)