Some Monday morning Halloween goodness leads today’s top news items. Check that and more out below!

1. It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Starting to see Halloween costumes! Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon reunited for their star-studded Halloween party this weekend, and their five-year-old twins looked ADORBS dressed as Rapunzel and Mario. Nick dressed as Luigi to complete the Super Mario Brothers look, while the Halloween-loving Mariah looked fierce as a devil.

2. Kim Kardashian’s pre-robbery 60 Minutes interview revealed some now-eerie thoughts on her public life. In a 60 Minutes interview segment about millenials and advertising that was taped for 60 Minutes, Kim admits that her success would not be what it is without social media, but also says that she believes “that the pros in my situation and my lifestyle have been more beneficial than the negative things.” Keep in mind this was filmed prior to Kim’s traumatizing robbery. But in a more positive moment, when correspondent Bill Whitaker asks about the (now outdated, TBH) claims that Kim is famous for nothing, she said, “It is a talent to have a brand that’s really successful off of getting people to like you for you. I would think that has to involve some kind of talent, you know?” *Applauds*

3. Twitter hated on Negan HARD on the Walking Dead premiere last night. We’re gonna stay away from spoilers on this one, but you already know from last season’s cliffhanger that Negan was going to kill a member of Rick’s crew. Twitter had a TOTAL field day with hating on him last night during the, erm, bloody scene, with Frozen star Josh Gad even shoehorning in some Trump jokes.

4. OMG: Rumors are flying that Demo Lovato and John Mayer are dating. This weekend, Demi and John were reportedly seen hanging out and getting cozy at Catch LA. According to Us Weekly, “John had his arm around Demi and was whispering sweet nothings into her ear,” and that the newly back-to-brown-hair-already Demi “was into it.” Of course, this isn’t much to go on, but we can’t help but picture what these two would be like as a couple.

5. Chris Hemsworth shut down marriage trouble rumors in the BEST way. Chris and his wife Elsa Pataky are totally #relationshipgoals, so it breaks our hearts to see that he had to respond to rumors that their marriage was on the rocks. He did it in the best way possible though: With a witty Instagram caption, of course! Looking for a new wife according to @womansdayaus and other misleading outlets!” he wrote on a pic of the two of them on a boat, gazing into the horizon. “Honey you still love me right?! @elsapatakyconfidential#thanksfortheheadsup.” LOL.

6. Quote of the day: “You don’t have to like her. Do you like this country? You better get out there and vote. Do you like freedom and liberty? Okay. Do you like democracy or do you want a demagogue? There really is no choice, people.” Oprah Winfrey doubles down on backing Hillary Clinton in a chat with T.D. Jakes.

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(Featured photo via D Dipasupil/Getty)