From more memorable summer memes to yet another reason to love Simone Biles, check out six of today鈥檚 top news items below!

1. A man scaled the Trump Tower in NYC using giant suction cups yesterday. His name is Steve, he鈥檚 20 years old, and apparently he鈥檚 鈥渁n independent researcher鈥 who wanted a meeting with Trump 鈥渢o discuss an important matter.鈥 Steve managed to climb for about an hour before being apprehended by the NYPD. Almost as soon as Steve was stuck to the glass, the memes started, with people joking that it was a big week for suction cups, that he would be rewarded with quinoa and that he 鈥渨atched the Olympics once.鈥 What a time to be alive.

2. A video has surfaced of Malia smoking what appears to be a joint at Lollapalooza, which, while unconfirmed, would be a totally normal teenage thing to do. And while a large portion of critics are shaming her (and naturally her father), a surprising amount of the Internet has her back, pointing out that it鈥檚 totally harmless and that she鈥檚 going to Harvard, for crap鈥檚 sake. Let Malia live!

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3. In case you weren鈥檛 already obsessed enough with Simone Biles, please note that she is wearing sparkly red, white and blue eyeliner. Simone is operating on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL, people.

I know it's a little cheeky, butt... Cycling in The ile de re, France 馃嚝馃嚪

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4. Katy Perry felt left out of all the Orlando Bloom shadow buzz, so she decided to flash a little cheek! As Katy and Orlando鈥檚 romantic European vacay continues, Katy shared a snap from France, where she鈥檚 got her dress hiked up to properly ride her bike. 鈥淚 know it鈥檚 a little cheeky, butt鈥︹ she captioned the photo, continuing 鈥淐ycling in The ile de re, France.鈥 We鈥檙e not even ON this vacay and we don鈥檛 want it to end!

5. 鈥淗ikea鈥 is your favorite new Ikea hack. A new documentary webseries is showing what happens when people take drugs and try to build Ikea furniture. So far there are only two episodes, one featuring a couple who takes LSD and one featuring a man who takes shrooms. Who needs Netflix?! (h/t Fast Company)

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淏eing able to share that one moment that I had with him, that was definitely something that was very special.鈥 Michael Phelps gets emotional as he reflects on being able to share his gold medal win with his son Boomer.

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