We couldn鈥檛 help but smile when Sally Field used Twitter to try to hook up her son with Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon. And now we鈥檙e grinning again over the surprise message that Mila Kunis sent to silver-medal winner Chris Mazdzer.

When the 29-year-old sat down for an interview on Tuesday鈥檚 Megyn Kelly Today, he was wearing the medal he earned during the men鈥檚 singles luge event in PyeongChang, which is a first for the US. Among the people celebrating Mazdzer鈥檚 accomplishment was Mila Kunis, who sent the athlete a special message through the show.

鈥淗ey, Chris, it鈥檚 Mila. Congratulations on your medal,鈥 the actress said. 鈥淲elcome home. I hope you had a great time and you kicked a**.鈥

When someone off-camera 鈥 Kelly speculated that it may have been Kunis鈥 husband, Ashton Kutcher 鈥 suggested that she used a word that might not be TV-friendly, she responded with another, er, colorful word.

Mazdzer didn鈥檛 seem to mind the language, saying, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 one of my favorite phrases.鈥 He then added that the surprise was 鈥渙ut of this world.鈥

We can believe that, since the medalist confessed to Us Weekly that the Black Swan star is his celebrity crush. At the time, however, he was still seeking an introduction. 鈥淲e just do this sport called luge, so if you could help us, that鈥檇 be awesome!鈥 he joked to the mag.

He may not have gotten the chance to meet his celebrity crush face-to-face quite yet, but it looks like he was pretty thrilled with his video surprise.

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(photos via Adam Pretty/Getty Images + Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)