If you always find yourself asking, 鈥淲here are all the attractive single men in this city?!,鈥 well, now that question can finally be answered. That鈥檚 if you believe the latest findings that reveal the cities where the most handsome men are living. Fingers crossed those single + suave men have a sexy name for a mega win-win situation.

handsome us cities

Grooming Lounge, a go-to resource for men鈥檚 grooming, recently announced the Most Handsome Cities in the US (TY for this helpful cheat sheet, GL). The company conducted the study because it wanted to uncover which cities in the US consist of men concerned about their upkeep in order to expand their luxe barbershops to the right areas. Also, to maybe entice single men + women to move to the hottest spots (literally), right?

The findings are based on the dollar amount men spend on personal care services, products, shaving needs, apparel and which cities are the fittest. So yeah, Grooming Lounge is aware that who an individual finds more handsome than another is subjective and that鈥檚 why this study is more about a man鈥檚 commitment to his appearance, ultimately making them more relationship-worthy, obviously ;)

handsome us cities

While this study is making us consider relaunching Bro + Co for real, check out the top 10 cities below then find the full list here. And make sure to ask yourself if you really love your city if it鈥檚 not on this list because you can totally move to a more attractive spot.

Most Handsome Cities in the US

handsome us cities

1. Seattle, WA

2. San Francisco, CA

3. Washington, D.C.

4. Boston, MA

5. Denver, CO

6. New York, NY

7. Austin, TX

8. Nashville, TN

9. Atlanta, GA

10. Minneapolis, MN

What are your thoughts on the most handsome cities in the US? Share 鈥檈m with us in the comments.

(Infographic via Grooming Lounge)