You might not have ever wondered what the most popular cookies in America are, but Nestlé Toll House sure has. In a nationwide survey, the inventors of the chocolate chip cookie asked consumers which cookie best represents their state. The cookie company then turned that data into a (mouthwatering) visual aid. Entitled “The United Cookies of America,” the infographic shows the top cookie per state. There are also explanations of certain results, like why Georgians love peanut butter cookies so much. In case you’re wondering, The Peach State produces nearly half of the country’s peanuts. Mystery solved.

It makes sense that state-grown ingredients impact the results, but we didn’t realize exactly how much. For instance, the orange cookie reigns supreme in The Sunshine State. In Vermont, which is famous for 100 percent maple syrup, maple pecan cookies take the lead. The macadamia trees in Hawaii make it easy to say “Aloha” to those nut-filled treats. Surprisingly, Oregonians think pumpkin spice cookies rule (really?!). And The Lone Star State, where everything is bigger and some might argue better, can’t seem to wrangle up enough cowboy cookies made with oats, chocolate chips, and coconut. Now that’s enough fixings for a herd and then some.

The survey also found that even though each state prefers a different cookie, nearly 75 percent of Americans enjoy soft and chewy cookies. That’s a cookie choice we will gladly get behind.

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(Photo via Nestlé Toll House)