I’m sure we can all agree that moving is a pretty painful experience. No really, it’s pretty torturous. Packing, unpacking, dealing with movers who don’t take great care of your stuff… it sucks. If we could magically teleport all our stuff from our old house to our new house, life would be 1000x better. Heck, we might even move around more often!

Fortunately, Moveline is here to make all those moving pains a lot easier to bear. Moveline is like a personal moving assistant, focused on bridging the connection between you (the mover) and the moving company, in order to make your move easier and more efficient.

You can start by signing up on the website or smart phone app. Once you take a short video walkthrough of the home you’re moving out of, Moveline will create an inventory of your stuff. If you eventually decide to move solo, Moveline can also give you an estimate on how many boxes you’ll need and what size moving truck will fit all your stuff. It’s amazing how technology can ballpark this just from a video!

After you send the video, Moveline gathers estimates from the moving companies in the area and connects them with you. All the while, the Moveline “Move Captain” helps the you stay organized and acts as a liaison so you never even have to chat with the moving company.

Thinking about how many times we’ve moved in the past, all of us agree that this innovative idea is definitely needed. While the service is currently only for those moving in and out of New York, they’re working on expanding quickly and soon. Would you use it where you live?

What unusual moving services have you used that helped ease the stress of moving?