As air travel gets increasingly cramped and passengers grow crankier by the minute, it can really put a damper on your travel plans. A simple Kickstarter project is about to change your travel game for the better. Its concept is so popular, it has become the single most-funded clothing project in the history of the crowdfunding movement. Why all the buzz? Well, take a look at this multifunctional garment’s big bag of tricks.

Boasting a built-in neck pillow, eye mask, drink and earphone holders, gloves and pockets for everything from your passport to your sunglasses and beverage, the BauBax jacket packs 15 features designed to make long-distance travel easier than ever. There’s even a zipper that doubles as a pen and stylus. Pretty much the only thing it doesn’t come with is a miniature bottle of vodka and can of bloody mary mix.


The BauBax comes in four styles, including a hoodie for comfy commutes, a blazer for buttoned-up business trips, a bomber jacket and a windbreaker. Retail prices are expected to start at $160. All the early-bird specials are gone, but chipping in $129 or more to the campaign guarantees you a piece of the action.


Clearly an instant hit, the project set a $20,000 funding goal for itself but quickly shot well beyond the three-million dollar (yes, million) mark with weeks left to go. In other words, it’s definitely happening (deliveries are expected in November 2015), so book that holiday plane ticket and get ready to put your Inspector Gadget jacket to good use, you hyper-prepared planner, you.

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