Searching for inspiration while strolling among classical masterpieces, Danish art director Olivia Muus decided to put a new twist on fine oil portraits from the past. She knew she was on to something when she took a picture of her friend’s hand in selfie mode.

After seeing the number of double taps the photos garnered on her personal Instagram account, Muus decided to roll out a Tumblr, aptly titled “Museum of Selfies,” which allows willing contributors to submit their selfie portraits using the hashtag #museumofselfies or emailing their gmail account.

And while millennials get a bad rap for being vain, let’s not forget how these portraits came to be in the first place. Men and women of affluence sat for hours (sometimes days, weeks) in front of an artist, whereas we do the same thing with the tap of a button. While some spectators are concerned about flash photography destroying the paintings, Muus assures us that all the lighting came from the spotlights above the paintings. (Also, flash washes out complexions. Just saying.)

What do you think about this spin to the selfie? Do you think they’re totally hilar?

Or are you so over it?

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(h/t Huffington Post)