Whether we’re rocking out to Gwen Stefani’s emoji-filled music video or sporting the latest metallic earbuds, music gets us through those long commutes and pumps us up during those last sweaty minutes of our workout. Take your music game to the next level and widen your podcast horizon. This selection of 10 music podcasts will feed your brain and fuel your day. Turn that volume up, people.


1. Tiny Desk Concerts: Talk about up close and personal. Tiny Desk Concerts features musicians playing live in a small library/office setting. Cool, right? Even cooler? Listening to T-Pain without auto-tune.


2. Morning Becomes Eclectic: You know that one band people say you probably haven’t heard of? They probably heard it here first. Morning Becomes Eclectic exposes listeners to new music from around the world, often live. For a folk-y vibe, listen to Lisa Mitchell, or if you like rock, check out Spoon.

SO podcast tile2013.1

3. Sound Opinions: We’ve all had silly arguments of who is a better singer or which band sounds best live. Sound Opinions is just that. Hosts and rock critics Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis chat about the latest headlines in music news, review new releases and debate everything from songs to album covers. Go here to catch up on the best guitar riffs and opinions about Prince.

Song Exploder

4. Song Exploder: This podcast goes one step further than just talking about music. Song Exploder invites musicians to break down their own songs and chat about structure, inspiration and production. We’re hooked by Nite Jewel’s “One Second of Love” and Jeff Beal’s House of Cards main title theme.

NYT Music Popcast

5. New York Times’ Music Popcast: NYT music critics delve into everything pop related, so you know we’re in. Not sure where to start? Listen as the hosts go into the fascinating life of Sia and her powerful album, 1000 Forms of Fear.

Tiesto Club Life

6. Tiesto’s Club Life: For those who are all about that bass, this podcast is for you. Superstar DJ Tiesto covers an umbrella of electronic, house and dance music in his one-hour sets. If you’re looking for a new workout playlist, this will keep you pumped.

My Classical Podcast

7. My Classical Podcast: Let’s take things down a notch with some classical tunes. Get your daily dose of composers, like Handel and Sussex Mummers’ Carol, here.


8. All Songs Considered: All Songs Considered’s motto is “music you’ll fall in love with,” and we believe them. Hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton discuss the best new songs and share thoughts on today’s music scene. Listen in on their reflection of this year in music.

Who Charted

9. Who Charted?: If you like to stay in the know on pop culture, this is for you. Comedians Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack analyze the top music hits. Want to know who charted this week? Listen in on their latest post.


10. Microphone Check: From rap and R&B to soul, Microphone Check goes into the styles and decades of hip hop. The podcast goes deep into live concerts, interviews with top artists and what to expect in the future of hip hop. Right now, we are totally digging J. Cole’s latest album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

Which music podcasts do you love? Tell us in the comments below!