Looking to improve your brawn? Look no further than the kitchen. That’s right: We’re talking about all things mussels. This meaty shellfish can be prepped in a variety of ways and with a heck of a lot of flavor. Think curry, sweet corn, sake, cheese-y mayo and beer. Here are 19 mussel recipes that will keep your taste buds in check and your dinner guests wanting more. (Plus, with all that shucking, a little muscle definition may actually be in the cards.)

1. Mussels 101: The thought of preparing and cooking mussels may be intimidating for some. If that’s the case, check out this guide for tips on selecting and storing the best shells, plus how to clean and steam them. (via Nosh on It)

2. Coconut Milk Mussel Soup: For a creamy and flavorful fish soup, cook your mussels in a broth of white wine and coconut milk, then add saffron and turmeric for a real flavor explosion. (via La Tartine Gourmande)

3. Mixed Pasta With Cannellini Beans and Mussels: Cooked too much pasta last night? Use the leftovers to create a delectable mash-up of hearty noodles, mussels and beans. (via Saveur)

4. Mussels Cioppino: For all the San Francisco foodies out there — this fish stew’s for you! The recipe originates in our very own home city and is packed with fresh veggies. We recommend enjoying with a glass of red wine to bring out the rich grape-y flavor of the broth. (via Jessica Gavin)

5. Sweet Corn and Mussel Chowder: Step aside, clams. There’s a new shellfish chowder in town. (via Jamie Oliver)

6. Drunken Mussels: The name says it all. These mussels are steamed in a dark ale for a rich, bitter taste. Serve them on fresh toast as a fish-friendly bruschetta. (via Blogging Over Thyme)

7. Sake Steamed Mussels: For a lighter (yet still boozy) meal, steam your mussels in sake, then pour the extra broth over soba noodles for a refreshing and hearty Asian-inspired meal. (via Love and Lemons)

8. Spicy Linguine With Clams + Mussels: Pasta dishes are prone to getting heavy, especially if you get carried away with cheese and creamy sauces. Opt for a lighter plate of shellfish and a wine-based broth instead. (via House and Home)

9. Mexican-Style Mussels: How do you make mussels Mexican? With jalapeños, tequila and lime, of course! (via Boats UK)

10. Broiled Mussels: If mussels are too slimy for your liking, give them a texture boost — and a little crunch — with a sprinkling of broiled, garlicky bread crumbs. (via New York Times)

11. PBR Steamed Mussels: Into light beer? Consider these PBR steamed mussels a lighter version of the drunken variety. (via Tasting Table)

12. Provencal Mussels: Our favorite thing about this recipe is that it calls for a helping of ratatouille. (via Oprah)

13. Baked Mussel Appetizer: These baked apps offer a spicy kick from chili pepper, the tang of Parmesan cheese and a bite of garlic — all wrapped into a refreshing and delicious taste of the sea. (via Fine Dining Lovers)

14. Cheese Mayo Mussels: These may be the fattiest and most indulgent mussels of the bunch, but each one is bite size. So it’s like auto portion control, making it a guilt-free affair, right? (via Hungry Gowhere)

15. Red Curry Mussels: Time to put your takeout menus away. Give your batch of mussels a touch of Thai with this spicy and veggie-packed recipe. (via Shop Sweet Things)

16. Moules Frites: Mussels and fries is the French version of fish and chips. (via Smitten Kitchen)

17. Mussels With Apple Cider and Thyme: Embrace the changing seasons with a mussel dish inspired by the flavors of fall. (via Prospect: The Pantry)

18. Mussels With Tomato and Onion: There’s something about juicy chunks of tomato and the sharp crunch of an onion that elevates the flavor of just about any dish. Pro tip: Throw in some mozz and croutons, and you’ve got a seafood panzanella. (via Cooking Melangery)

19. Paella: This is one of those recipes that falls into the must-know category. We recommend getting extra festive and cooking this for a Spanish-themed party. (via I am a Food Blog)

Are you ready to put some muscle into these mussel recipes? Got a go-to mollusk recipe to share? Tell us about your fishy feats in the kitchen below!