We’re all about following your dreams. So when we discovered this artist who paints some of the most dreamy watercolors we’ve ever seen — full-time — we just had to talk to her about it. Naomi Ernest is an artist from Michigan who used to consider herself an “artist on the side” until she decided to quit her day job and follow her passion. Now, she’s a full-time #girlboss creative with a growing Insta following and some seriously beautiful work to her name.

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“A few years ago, I did a bit of soul searching and reevaluated my priorities by asking myself: What do I want my life to look like?” she tells us. “Eventually, I was able to peel away all the layers, silence the noise of mercenary and societal influence and the important things became obvious.” AKA painting the most beautiful planet-like images we’ve ever seen.

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What’s super interesting about her work is how, like in the image above, she often merges the dreamy softness of watercolors with geometric shapes, like in her watercolor birthstones series. Plus, she offers custom paintings of two birthstones paired together — did someone say Valentine’s Day gift ideas?!

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Special meanings inspire Naomi to keep creating every day. “I’ve always been an observer of sorts; I notice details, and as long as I am mindful of them, I can find inspiration everywhere. The process of creating allows me to sift through those details, discover connections and translate them through my work. It’s amazing how many connections I find through artwork and how much I learn in the process; my favorite pieces often have entire stories and histories hidden within them,” she says.

And she doesn’t just stick to watercolors — she does some super cool pen work too.

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Naomi is also an inspiration for #girlbosses everywhere following their dreams while balancing family life: “I focus on what’s important and try not to get tripped up in trivialities. I love what I do and get so excited to start new projects, but in the end, I don’t think I would ever wish I had worked more and spent less time with those I love.”

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We asked her if she had any advice for aspiring artists, and she had this to say: “I think the hardest part for me — maybe the very core of creating — is self discovery. The best work is honest work, and that means knowing yourself; accept your flaws and embrace your strengths, and you’ll begin to see your path. Follow it. Don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t be afraid to succeed. Just do honest work, and share your gifts with others.”

Scroll through for more of our favorite picks of Naomi’s work!

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(Photos via Naomi Ernest)