Hey all! It’s Irene, Creative Content Producer at Brit + Co. Ranch is definitely a favorite condiment here at Brit + Co — in fact, our kitchen is always stocked with at least three bottles of it! So when Hidden Valley Ranch asked us to show how we celebrated National Ranch Dressing Day earlier this month (March 10, to be exact), we were like, “Of course!” We went all out by making recipes all day to enjoy with ranch.

This year, we asked our favorite bloggers to celebrate National Ranch Dressing Day with us. Unfortunately we’re all in different parts of the country, but we joined together by sharing how we partied on Ranch Day through our Instagram stories. Check out the highlights below!

Brit + Co: At B+C HQ, the first thing we made was a veggie frittata and roasted potatoes to drizzle with ranch. Definitely starting the day right. (via Brit + Co)

Brit + Co: Following the frittata, the B+C kitchen served up these healthy turkey, avocado, and pepper roll-ups, perfect for dunking in your favorite condiment. (via Brit + Co)

Dennis The Prescott: OMG is your mouth watering? Dennis concocted these healthy potato skins stuffed with beans and veggies and topped with Hidden Valley Ranch. Um, can I join in the party? (via Dennis The Prescott)

Studio DIY: Until this month, Kelly of Studio DIY had never tried pizza with ranch! Obviously, there’s no better day to get your hands dirty with ranch than National Ranch Dressing Day. (She loved it by the way.) Kelly gets bonus points for using that gemstone plate :) (via Studio DIY)

Brit + Co: We made these cheesy cauliflower tater tots for when you want a healthy snack. Just pulse steamed cauliflower, shredded cheese and an egg in a food processor and bake the mixture in mini muffin tins for 25 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. (via Brit + Co)

Sugar and Charm: Even though there’s not a lot of sugar in these recipes, there’s plenty of charm. National Ranch Dressing Day was brought to the next level with these avocado crustinis and massive bacon and cheese potato skins. (via Sugar and Charm)

Sugar & Cloth: Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth upped her tater tot game with bacon, cheese, and a generous drizzle of ranch. Tots. On. Point. (via Sugar & Cloth)

Spoon Fork Bacon: After all the yummy pizza and savory snacks, it’s probably time for a palette cleanser. Jenny and Teri of Spoon Fork Bacon drizzled ranch over chopped lettuce heads for a tasty fresh afternoon snack. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

A Cozy Kitchen: Food blogger Adrianna, and I’m hoping her corgi Amelie, also went classic by going the pizza and ranch route. Of course, being Adrianna, she made her own pepperoni pizza as a hearty base for her ranch. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

Brit + Co: As a grand finale to National Ranch Dressing Day, we made chicken and veggie flatbread naan pizzas. Oh boy, they were so tasty. We stacked spinach, cheese, grilled chicken, and tomatoes on naan, baked them in the oven for 10 minutes and drizzled ranch over the whole thing. Seriously guys, they were delish! (via Brit + Co)

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Author: Irene Lee