When you think gender-neutral nursery, you often come up with soft yellows, greens and maybe a shade of blue and gray. But what about bold monochromatic hues and patterns? We never met a stripe we didn’t like, and actress Naya Rivera’s nursery is bursting with graphic, black and white perfection. We gushed about how perfect Rivera’s pregnancy announcement was and now, thanks to an interview with My Domaine, we get to take a peek at how she prepared the nursery. Rocking “gender neutral” out of the park, this nursery makes black-and-white patterns look downright dreamy with lots of plush stuffed animals and soft textures.

Rivera wanted a bold, gender-neutral design, but also wanted the room to feel soft and baby-like with a fun animal theme. The whole room started with a black-and-white-striped teepee that Rivera bought even before she got pregnant. She loved the colors and decided to build the nursery around that simple palette of black, white, cream and gray.

The room’s bookshelves are styled with personal photos, including Rivera’s wedding photo and the baby’s ultrasound picture. Now that the nursery space is exactly how she wants it, Rivera can hardly wait for baby to arrive so she can put that beautiful glider to use.

Believe it or not, even celebs depend on IKEA for nursery decor. Pick up this cozy striped throw ($25) and DIY a little gallery wall with these book print art pieces from Christina Elyse. All you need to do is choose your theme, find some cute images and print them out on thrifted book pages.

Aside from the teepee, the copper wire bird chandelier is Rivera’s favorite part of the room. In a space full of mature patterns and minimal colors, the little birds perching above give a playful, youthful vibe.

Grab some dowels and some sturdy B+W fabric and follow the DIY instructions on Nalle’s House Blog to make your very own mini teepee. Roman shades are fairly simple to make with a piece of fabric and an old mini blind that you don’t mind cutting up (check out this tutorial from Something Is Done). If you want more darkness in the room, you can also add a black-out liner.

While the color palette is neutral, the space packs some serious visual drama with printed wallpaper, striped window shades and a big floral rug. Already planning for the future, Rivera wanted furniture that wouldn’t have to be replaced as baby grew up. Instead of nursery-specific pieces, she chose furniture that would also work great as “adult” pieces and could be used in any part of the house later.

Forget the rocking horse! We definitely think every nursery needs a plush rocking sheep like this one from Restoration Hardware ($169). Its fluffy coat is perfect for those little fingers to hang on to. While Rivera splurged on her bird cage chandelier, you can DIY the same look with a hanging branch mobile from Lou Lou’s Homemade.

What do you think of a black and white nursery? Love it or hate it? Talk to us in the comments below!

(h/t My Domaine)