We all love movies, but the model for looking up show times, buying tickets, getting a bucket of popcorn (or bringing your own popcorn bars) and finding your seat hasn’t changed since — well, the invention of the movie theater. But that might all be about to change. The founder of a certain movie streaming company — you may have heard of a little service called Netflix? — is revolutionizing the movie theater tradition. This could be the thing that will get you up off the couch and into the theater for IRL movies!

Young woman eating popcorn in movie theater

Mitch Lowe just took over as CEO of Moviepass, a service that sells monthly subscriptions to movie theaters. The subscription starts at $30 a month (it gets more expensive the more expensive the city is) and works kind of like a pre-paid debit card. And it works at almost every movie theater in town that accepts debit cards. You’re totally forgiven if you haven’t heard of this before, but get MoviePass on your radar right now. A subscription seems like a great gift (hint, hint) for those seasons when there’s something new hitting the box office every weekend.

But Lowe is competing against his own former brainchild, Netflix. (We’re pretty sure that this is how Dr. Frankenstein must have felt.) IRL movies are facing a huge drop in attendance. Thanks to online streaming and higher ticket prices, it’s becoming less and less tempting to put on pants and venture out for a movie. So why would anyone want to? Well, who wouldn’t want to see an unlimited amount of new releases for one solid price? You could finally fulfill that childhood dream of staying in the movie theater all day and watching every movie that just came out.

According to Lowe, the movie theater industry needs to change if it’s going to stay alive, and a subscription could be just the ticket. Big changes are coming our way, but okay, the bucket of popcorn can stay.

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(h/t Bloomberg, photo via Getty)