We’re a bunch of shutterbugs here at Brit HQ, and we’re always looking for creative and different ways to take photos. While we’re definitely pumped about iOS 7’s camera filters and the new iPhone’s high quality camera, the gearheads in us still swoon over all the new cameras that keep popping up. In just the last couple weeks, three such cameras caught our eye.

1. theQ Camera ($199): Billed as “The First Social Camera,” theQ is a brand new camera that’s easy to use, and even easier to share from. Every photo you take can be shared immediately with your social networks or simply saved automatically to your private online archive. This means, no memory cards or cords you can never find!

Aside from the social aspect, the camera also features a ring flash, nine photo filters, and can hang underwater up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. It also comes in nine poppy colors, meaning it would fit right in here at Brit HQ. We’re partial to the Ketchup variety ;)

2. Ricoh Theta ($400): Next up, a teeny tiny camera that shoots 360-degree photos in one click. While the $400 price tag doesn’t get us too pumped up, we’re definitely intrigued by this gadget.

It works seamlessly with your iOS device via Wifi, so every picture taken is accessible through your phone (only iPhone, for now). After each photo is taken, you can do all the editing you like from your phone.

3. 3D Printed Digital Camera (DIY): Last, we’ve got a little DIY action for you thanks to a tutorial by Instructables user randofo. This project has everything you need to create your very own point-and-shoot using materials from Radio Shack and handy dandy downloadable templates for 3D printing the body. We’re definitely intimidated by trying our hand at this, but the tutorial really does make it look easy. And we love that it takes a standard SD card. We just might have to try our own version of this on our MakerBot Replicator!

What do you think of this new batch of cameras? Tried any other photo gadgets lately that we should check out? Talk to us in the comments below.