We know you love new takes on your favorite treats, whether they be new Oreo flavors, summery S’mores M&Ms or new flavors of Ben & Jerry’s pints… and now, Chips Ahoy! is joining in on the new flave fun. The treat tempters want to make your summer even tastier with two new versions of their classic cookie. Yep, Nabisco is back, making us drool with not one but two new versions of their classic chocolate chip cookie.


Introducing S’mores Chips Ahoy! and Red Velvet Chips Ahoy! OMG yum. The S’mores version takes the typical cookie and brings it up a notch with both marshmallow and chocolate-flavored chips AND a “choco fudge” center. Totally reminiscent of the campfire-side treat, it’s just as yummy without the gooey mess.

If you like your cookies as smooth as they are pretty, then the Red Velvet Chips Ahoy! has your name written all over it. This flavor is classically red, as red velvet tends to be, but what really changes the game is that these deliciously decadent red velvet-flavored cookies are filled with cream cheese and topped with marshmallow chips. Um, is this real life?

Keep your eyes peeled, because these goodies are hitting the shelves this summer.

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(Photos via Chips Ahoy!)