Not too long ago, we got to try out the filled聽cupcake Oreo聽that emerged from the聽magical Oreo Vault聽and now, Nabisco is rethinking their classic cookie yet again.聽Ever since Oreo Thins burst onto the scene back in July of 2015, cookie lovers have gone ga-ga over the slim versions of milk鈥檚 favorite cookie. And this time, they鈥檙e back with not one but TWO new flavors!


The two new flavors are chocolate (yum!) and lemon (double yum!). And yes, we did get to try out the new cookies, and they are delish. Plus, at just 35 calories per cookie for the chocolate and 37.5 calories a pop for the lemon, it鈥檚 a tasty 鈥 and guilt-free 鈥 treat!

OREO Thins Event

In honor of the new flavors, Oreo invited celebrity chef John Besh and renowned pastry chef Kelly Fields to perform some of their culinary magic on the new cookies, and the two came up with some super creative 鈥 and surprisingly sophisticated 鈥 dessert ideas.


Using the chocolate Oreo Thins, the pair concocted a Chocolate Oreo Thins 144 Layer Baumkuchen cake. Basically, it鈥檚 a layered cake created with levels of chocolate mousse and cookies, sitting on a cookie-crusted bottom and topped with a cake layer.


They also came up with something they named the Lemon Oreo Things 鈥淐aviar鈥 Teeny Blini. In a bite, it鈥檚 a lemon Oreo thin topped with marscarpone cheese and some fruit 鈥渃aviar.鈥 It鈥檚 like a mini cheesecake in your mouth. Nom!

Check out the new flavors when they hit a grocery store near you, and make聽your own creative desserts!

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(Photos via Oreo)