Stuck inside, yet again, due to the latest snowstorm, bitterly cold weather or gloomy rain? Tired of Netflix reruns on the couch? (Hey, it could happen!) Whether you’re still recovering from the best blizzard day ever thanks to winter storm Jonas or simply too comfy and cozy snuggled up in your apartments to venture outside, boredom is no longer an option with these 10 exciting ways to boost your creativity, rejuvenate your mind and just have fun.


1. Illustration With Watercolor Online Class ($19): Painting is a brilliant winter hobby to tap into your creative side and make your own illustrations. Put your artistic skills to the test with our online class, taught by watercolor artist and author Meera Lee Patel.


2. Embroidery Online Class ($19): Embroidery can be a surprisingly meditative hobby, especially when you’re stuck indoors all day. In this class, Kristen will teach you how to tackle and master the back stitch, satin stick and the French knot to create your own sweet and sassy embroidered sayings and designs.


3. Jewelry Making and Metalworking Online Class ($19): Make your very own pair of adorable teardrop earrings with the help of our easy-to-follow class taught by Tiffany Whipps of Tiffany Anne Studio. You will be making your own unique jewelry line in no time.


4. Coding: From Web Page to Website Online Class ($39): If learning a new skill was on your list of resolutions this year, look no further. Learn how to create a beautiful multi-page website and add a new, in-demand skill to your resume with our popular coding class by Allison House.


5. Sewing Online Class ($19): Learn all the basics of sewing in our popular Sewing Online Class by Roxy, our resident sewing expert, who will help walk your through everything you need to know to become a sewing pro. From choosing the right fabric to using the right tools, she’ll teach you how to sew a cloth napkin, a pillowcase and a chic new maxi skirt. Score!


6. Photography Online Class ($29): Smartphone photos and Instagram filters can only take you so far in terms of photography. Take your photography skills to the next level with photography pro Lindsay Ostrom as she shares all of her behind-the-lens tips and tricks to make your photos, blog and content stand out.


7. Knitting Online Class ($19): There’s a deep satisfaction that comes from being able to knit your own modern snood. Learn all the basics of knitting in just over 60 minutes and create your very own warm and cozy knitted snood with our online class by Wool and the Gang co-founder Jade Harwood.


8. Jam-Making Online Class ($19): Crank up the music and get your jam on with our super-easy jam-making tutorial by Marisa McClellan. Plus, there’s nothing like a row of colorful jams to brighten up those cold winter days.


9. Beer Brewing Online Class ($19): Whether you’re brewing for a party full of friends and family or simply getting creative with seasonal flavors, spices and hops, winter is a great opportunity to experiment with home brewing. Erica’s online class will walk you through all the steps of beer brewing and help you create an amazing grapefruit honey beer.


10. Quilting Online Class ($19): Make your own beautiful and personal cozy quilt using old high-school or college t-shirts while it’s snowing outside with our very own online quilting class by Libs Elliott. From general quilt knowledge to designing, cutting and assembling, you’ll master the skill in just over 60 minutes and start planning the next adorable quilt before you know it.

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