Nicole LaValle, AKA the TV personality formerly known as “Snooki,” has grown up a LOT since her days as a wild child on MTV’s Jersey Shore, going on to become an Etsy star and a Celebrity Apprentice alum and teaching us some pretty valuable lessons about adult female friendship.

She’s also now a mother of two to son Lorenzo and daughter Giovanna, and much like Chrissy Teigen, she’s not here for your parenting advice.

The business woman and reality starlet clapped back at haters who criticized her parenting style this Mother’s Day weekend, over a picture she shared of putting mascara on two-year-old Giovanni for a dance recital.

“Getting sissy ready for her dance recital,” she wrote. “This is the best Mother’s Day gift to me!”

Some saw the post as a poor parenting move, commenting to say things like, “When your child looks miserable while you are applying makeup it’s a good sign you probably shouldn’t be.”

LaValle’s page has since by FLOODED with support from both moms with comments (more than 1,602 of ‘em and counting) saying that they’ve done the very same thing and others who recall the fond memories they have from their childhood years of their own mothers playing dress up with them for their dance recitals.

LaValle had something to say on the matter herself, however, posting a follow-up pic of her and Giovanna smiling big for the camera along with the following statement. “So proud of my little girl. (Instead of not posting my kids for the people who respect and appreciate their photos, I will off the comments section. I don’t need a**holes telling me how to raise my child and judge them. I’m a d*amn good mom and know what I’m doing. Well, most of the time. Happy Mother’s Day to all you kick ass Mamas out there!”

Good for you, Nicole — and happy Mother’s Day to you, as well!

Makeup on kids for dance rehearsals: Yes or no? Let us know over @BritandCo.

(h/t E!; Photos via Michael Loccisano/Getty)