Themed parties don鈥檛 seem to be going away anytime soon (and why would they? They鈥檙e AWESOME). While we鈥檝e been known to set the tone with themes for the seasons, like these 21 spring party themes, or for specific holidays, (like, say, the Fourth of July), it seems like more and more people are planning their parties with very *specific* themes in mind. Actress Nina Dobrev, for instance, took her birthday party planning next level with her La La Land-inspired joint birthday party this past weekend, and we are loving every second of it.

Nina Dobrev And Omar Mangalji Birthday Soiree

Sharing the party with her friend, professional polo player Omar 鈥淩onnie鈥 Mangalji, the birthday duo asked all their guests to dress to impress in their best La La Land-inspired outfits. Their joint cake featured a photo still from the actual movie, with Nina and Omar鈥檚 faces superimposed on top of stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling with candles spelling out 鈥60鈥 鈥 the pair鈥檚 combined ages for the party.

With famous pals like Aaron Paul, Julianne and Derek Hough in attendance, the party pics are giving us some major feels, just as the movie did. No word on how much singing and dancing was involved, but we鈥檙e sure that with the theme and guests in attendance there must have been some cutting a rug, right?


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We鈥檙e loving how simple this theme was to put together, and it鈥檚 giving us major ideas of birthday party themes we can roll out for 2017. This just might be the year we plan our birthdays around our current fave flicks, and with Beauty and the Beast coming out in March, we鈥檒l be expecting to see at least one or two of our pals hosting Belle-inspired parties.

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(h/t HelloGiggles, photos via Rochelle Brodin/Getty)