No matter what the movies or burger commercials might try to make you think, washing your car is the opposite of sexy. It’s a mess if you DIY at home and a nuisance (and an extra expense) if you have to take it to the car wash. Okay, that can be a little fun, but still — what if you never had to suds up your whip again because your car took care of its own cleaning? Strap yourself in, because your next ride just might. And you might actually be able to afford it.

Engineers at the Nissan Technical Centre in the UK developed a new hydrophobic and oleophobic car paint called Ultra-Ever Dry. (Sounds more foreign than it is — iPhones have an oleophobic coating to prevent finger prints!) Ultra-Ever Dry offers a better-than-wax finish that repels water and oil, mud and grime and — who knows? — maybe even bird poop. It even promises to battle the elements; rain, snow, frost and sleet will roll right off it while you’re on the road.

This gets our engine revving because we’re used to seeing innovations like this on pricey pieces of dream life-size brands, but this was created by Nissan, a car that might be more accessible to you at this moment in life than a self-driving Lexus.

Watch the magic happen and the mud roll off before your eyes here in the dirtiest SFW video you’ll click on today:

We know what we’re getting our dad for Father’s Day…

Do you want your next car to be self-cleaning? What other automation do you want applied to your ride?

(h/t: Wired)