With the arrival of spring clothing comes the imminent onslaught of floral everything. From dresses to crop tops to sunnies, be prepared to spot a field of flowers not only in your backyard but on everyone around you. So what鈥檚 a girl to do if florals aren鈥檛 her thing? Well, don鈥檛 wear them! Here are 20 non-floral, patterned pieces that will still give your wardrobe a colorful, springy boost.


1. Sam Jones Power Suit Tee ($55): Need a conversation starter? Well, this hot pink tee covered in Samatha Jones鈥 best power suit outfits is sure to do it. It鈥檚 definitely expensive for a t-shirt, but we鈥檙e pretty sure it鈥檒l become one of your prized possessions.


2. Canvas Twist Dress ($69): Rock this beachy dress on your spring break getaway. We鈥檙e thinking a selfie of you drinking out of a coconut in this dress is kind of a must.


3. Vanishing Elephant Cuffed Short ($114): Hey everybody, remember shorts? Slip back into the warm weather spirit in this tropical pair.


4. Dolphin Print Dress ($60): Because why wouldn鈥檛 you want to rock an adorable shift dress complete with a plethora of jolly dolphins?


5. Swan and All Pants ($66): Pair these relaxed, printed joggers with a delicate blouse and a cute pair of heels and you鈥檝e got the comfiest date night outfit ever.


6. Paisley Tee ($27): Whether you鈥檙e ready or not, the 鈥70s are making a comeback, and that includes the vintage paisley print. Go bold or go home in this fun oversized tee.


7. Lazy Oaf Break Hearts Skirt ($82): Valentine鈥檚 Day may be over, but that doesn鈥檛 mean all the heart-shaped clothing needs to be locked away until next year. Go for a ultra-sweet look or offset the charm a bit by pairing it with a rock n鈥 roll tee.


8. Chili Print Shirt ($58): Take a quick glance at this black and white blouse and it just looks like a basic pattern. But look a little closer and you鈥檒l see that it鈥檚 actually covered in tiny little chilies! Pair this with a colorful skirt for a super playful spring outfit.


9. UNIF Dweller Knitted Hoodie ($108): Falling somewhere in between a hoodie and a sweater, this piece is perfect for those days where you鈥檙e fighting a chilly breeze.


10. Silk Pleated Skirt ($170): Give off a little bit of a Flintstones vibe, but in all the right ways. Wear it up or dress it down; either way, this silky skirt is going to be your new BFF come spring.


11. Graphic Strap Dress ($60): Give that midi dress a wild makeover with this bold graphic print. We鈥檙e totally into the boxy cut of this piece, but if you need a little more shape simply add fun colored belt.


12. Pastel Camouflage Bodysuit ($21) Bet you never thought you鈥檇 be adding a camouflage bodysuit to your wish list. Pair this with skinny jeans or wear it under a fun, flowy skirt. Either way, in this fun piece you鈥檒l be doing anything but blending in.


13. Jacquard Mini Skirt ($40): Floral, who? This super bright and bold patterned skirt is basically all we need this spring鈥 summer, fall and winter.


14. Party Icons Dress ($159): Want to channel your inner french girl? Rock this dress from Loup that comes complete with tiny illustrations of things like baguettes, wine glasses and even 鈥 wait for it 鈥 lingerie. Ooh la la!


15. Skyscraper Print Tee ($16): Here鈥檚 one for the ultimate city slicker. Printed with cars, skyscrapers and beat-up converse, this black and white tee is anything but basic.


16. Geo Printed Pencil Skirt ($70): Give that office attire a serious boost in this geometric pencil skirt.


17. Cute Cat Printed Sweatshirt ($56): What鈥檚 that you say? You don鈥檛 already have a kitty cat sweatshirt in your closet? Well, my goodness, girl! Here is kind of the best one that鈥檚 ever been made.


18. Quilt Print Dress ($90): Make grandma proud in this adorable frock that鈥檚 printed with a quilt design. This one is just screaming garden party.


19. Printed Kady Fit Pant ($90): Made of a substantial scuba material that will keep clean lines all day, this pant style by Eloquii has gained attention from big publications like Cosmopolitan and People Style Watch. The pant comes in a whole range of colors and patterns, but we鈥檙e loving this playful variation of the leopard print.


20. Seahorses Dress ($60): Whether you鈥檙e on the beach or in the city, this dress will put you in a seriously nautical state of mind.

Do you have your eye on any playful prints for spring? Share a link with us in the comments below.