It’s pretty amazing how versatile flowers are. Aside from the fact that they make lovely bouquets, beautifully bohemian crowns, refreshing popsicles and stunning centerpieces, blossoms are the new medium for creative makers everywhere. From floral portraits to petal party dresses, it’s clear that florals do a lot more than freshen up your space. Case in point: Alice Mourou makes letters out of ‘em.

This pretty and delicate typeface was handcrafted by Russian artist Alice Mourou as the first part of a larger interactive project. The making of each letter was filmed and made into a video, which is the second unreleased part of the project.

Not only are the letters drop dead gorgeous to look at, but it’s mind boggling when you think about the patience involved in the process. Although, how cool would it be if you could type up emails or make fancy invites with this floral font? On the flip side, we’d like to frame the originals and spell out our names on the wall. While we’ve already gotten floral arranging down, we may have to take a stab at creating our own floral crafts. Talk about inspiring!

Don’t hold out on us! Share your favorite fresh flower project with us below!