It’s hard to believe that something that grows right in your front yard can be so expensive, but we saw your eyes widen at the price tag on that floral centerpiece. Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, a fun summer bash or your gram’s 90th birthday, floral centerpieces can take a big bite out of your pocket. Thankfully, some highly crafty and creative people have come up with beautiful and affordable centerpieces that don’t involve flowers. Check out these 21 gorgeous non-floral arrangements, but don’t tell your florist!

1. Pom Poms: Thinking those paper party pom poms are out of style? Think again. String those babies together in one shape or lay them out in piles along a table for tons of color. (via Mokkasin)

2. Fruit: Colorful fruit can give you lots of color options for your centerpiece. Genius. (via Events Cherished)

3. Glitter Candles: Candles make a lovely glitter-and-glow centerpiece on their own, but who says you can’t add some actual glitter to them? As we always say, the more sparkle the better. (via A Practical Wedding)

4. Winter Cotton: This pick is a great in-between for nature and affordability. Not to mention the clean white look it provides. (via Ruffled)

5. Paper Flowers: Just because you can’t afford the real thing doesn’t mean you have to forgo flowers altogether. Make these paper beauties for your wow-worthy centerpiece. (via Scissors)

6. Pinwheels: Paper pinwheels make a simple go-to for an outdoor summer party. Let your guests take one home! (via Laurel Lane)

7. Succulents: Low planters filled with succulents are a great way to add some green to your centerpiece without breaking the bank. (via Willard and May)

8. Wooden Cubes: This DIY centerpiece is perfect for your Pinterest-worthy party. You can even choose your own color scheme. (via Tell Love and Chocolate)

9. Arrows: Homemade arrows are a centerpiece even the kids can help make! Don’t forget some arrow typography on those invites to match. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

10. Antlers: Looking for some rustic outdoor table decor? Antlers add a natural mountainous vibe that makes everyone feel woodsy. (via Oh Lovely Day)

11. String Shapes: Shapes like these are a bright, budget-friendly way to fill the middle of your table. Add some twinkle lights to be super fancy. (via The Knot)

12. Goldfish: Take your guests under the sea with this swimming centerpiece. They make great party game prizes, too. (via DIY Network)

13. Geometric Shapes: Replace bright flowers with bright geometric shapes that you can buy or DIY. We might have to throw a party just to use this awesome idea. (via Ruffled)

14. Painted Pumpkins: Are the colors for your fall shindig not really fall colors? That’s okay! Paint your pumpkins to match your theme. (via A Practical Wedding)

15. Monochromatic: Make a hodgepodge centerpiece look super coordinated with a little spray paint. That means anything, of any color, could be thrown into this centerpiece and still work. (via Philly Mag)

16. Tasseled Balloons: Balloons certainly help add to the festive feel of a party. Add some tassels and get ready to shimmy! (via Jordan McBride)

17. Apple Crate: You don’t have to be Snow White to love apples. Take advantage of the orchards and put a stack in the middle of your table. (via Polka Dot Bride)

18. Mossy Ideas: Succulents aren’t the only affordable green. Make this the centerpiece for a perfectly green tea party. (via Etsy)

19. Cotton Candy: How can you resist such a simple and yummy centerpiece? Your kids will thank you. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

20. Heart Branches: This arrangement certainly spreads the love. We adore the pop of color that the pitcher brings to the table with it. (via Alisa Burke)

21. Feathers: Just some feathers and a wooden block? Sounds simple enough! Dip dye the ends of the feathers for a colorful, sparkly style. (via A Practical Wedding)

Do you have an epic non-floral centerpiece? We’d love to hear about it! Share below!