Ho ho hello! Irene here, and I’m feeling extra holly jolly these days. It’s time to add peppermint to all your drinks and all your favorite holiday movies to your Netflix queue, but most importantly, add holiday trimmings to your place. I always have been a huge proponent of holiday decor. In fact, since my freshman year of college, I made a deal with my roommates to hang snowflakes and burn pine-scented candles starting November 1. Luckily, everyone was totally down, but unluckily, my college apartments didn’t have a lot of space for a Christmas tree. Most of the time, I just went without. This year, I live in a house with plenty of space for a tree, but if I were to relive my college days, I would definitely have tried to get more creative around the holidays.

If you’re in a tiny apartment like I was, or if you live up eight flights of stairs and don’t want to lug a giant tree up (I understand), the solution is simple: DIY your own tree!


We partnered with Studio Ink to create an adorable nontraditional Christmas tree out of their line of holiday cards. This DIY project is unbelievably easy and inexpensive to make. Most of Studio Ink’s cards are less than $3 (steal!) and are full of quirky, colorful artwork. You should definitely send them out to your friends, but be sure to keep a few to DIY with. :)


All you need are Studio Ink cards, a utility knife, a ruler and tape — plus all the usual tree trimmings.


I love these cards because you can take them apart to form a tri-fold piece of cardstock and have three patterns to cut up and get creative with. To make this card tree, cut triangles out of each side of the card. Cut a bunch of triangles. The more you cut, the bigger your tree can be.


Use little rolls of tape to stick the triangles to the wall in a line. We started with a wide base and continued going up.


I see a tree forming!


There it is!


Once your card tree is assembled, tape on string lights and tinsel. Hang ornaments on the string light or tape them to the wall.


If your ornaments don’t have hooks, unfold paper clips and hook them through the ornament hole.


Tree trimming is better with a friend :)


True fact: When we assembled the tree at Brit + Co HQ, anyone who passed by gave a little *gasp!* followed by some “oohs” and “ahhs.”


Oh card tree, oh card tree, how lovely are your branches.

What other holiday DIYs do you plan on making with holiday cards? Share your photos on Instagram and hashtag #britstagram and #sayitwithink!

DIY Production and Styling: Irene Lee
 Photography: Tory Putnam