At this point in our love affair with wearables, if anyone ever pops the question, we’ll have to ask if that rock is Bluetooth-connected. Engagement rings that double as WiFi hotspots may be a little far off in our future, but a fully connected, beautiful cocktail ring is right here, right now, and we’re not the only ones admiring it. Ringly launched its pre-order in June, surpassing its goal of $60,000 in just eight hours and has since started selling out of certain models. Hear that, other wearables and wearable makers? Women have spoken and we want pretty tech-sessories we can wear.

We still have a couple months to go until we can properly do our “Single Ladies” (Remix) dance, but they just announced eight more reasons to get excited to put a Ringly on it with all-new apps that will connect with the high tech jewelry. Founder Christina Mercando is reading all the emails and listening up to early backers to turn their feedback into an even better product by the time it makes its way to your jewelry box. Let’s take a look at the next round of apps you’ll be able to hook up to your Ringly + what they can let you know.

Airbnb: Someone wants to stay in your pad! This could help you keep that response time low and those five star reviews glowing.

eBay: You’ve been outbid! Get to a computer and show MacGirl262 what you got. Stat.

Gilt: It’s noon and there’s a Marc Jacobs sale. 70% off… thankfully your budgeting app isn’t connected yet. JK!

Hinge: Knock, knock, love (or friendship) is texting. Pick up the call <3

Lyft: Your ride is here, get ready to pound it ;)

WhatsApp: Get nudged when your sis studying abroad is in need of some international gurl talk.

Skype: It’s that 15-minute window when all of your family or friends all around the world is awake, which means it’s time for a conference Skype.

Words with Friends: Psst, it’s your turn to play, yo!

These eight apps join an already buzzing bunch supported by Ringly including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Vine, LinkedIn, Poshmark, Tinder and Uber. With all of these options at our literal fingertips, we might need a two-finger ring to balance all of these pending notifications. Or a matching bracelet

You can still pre-order three styles of Ringly for the early bird price of $145 with an expected ship date this fall. Then don’t be afraid to share how you’ll use the wearable — this is one company that really cares about what we want.

What would you use a wearable piece of jewelry to notify you about? Which apps would be essential for you to hook up to it? Share below!