Halloween is over, which means it’s the official start of the holiday season. And the holiday spirit is all about do-gooding, right? Funding Kickstarters is a great way to support small business owners, artists and all-around good causes. Depending on how much you pledge, you could receive a product before the general public, which would make a great gift for friends or family, or even yourself! Scroll on to read about 10 Kickstarters worth pitching in for.

pop cats

1. Pop Cats, Vol. 1: It’s a book filled with watercolor illustrations of cute cats imagined as characters from pop culture. Pledging $25 gets you a copy of the book and four small prints of your choice. Give the entire book as a gift, or get them individually framed.

cookie counter

2. The Cookie Counter: The Cookie Counter is the cutest thing on wheels. It’s an all-vegan ice cream truck run out of an adorable light blue Volkswagon bus. Chelsea and Chris, who run The Cookie Counter, are hoping to raise funds to open a permanent store. If you’re based in Seattle, most of the rewards include treats, but there are also specific rewards for out of towners, like a swaggy ice cream tote bag, brownies and cookies shipped to wherever you are.


3. The Outlier: If you’ve been in the market for a bluetooth speaker, you’ve probably noticed that there isn’t a whole lot of variation in their designs. With a few exceptions, like this donut shaped one, they’re typically plastic and rectangular. But for those of us who want functionality and design, this wireless wood speaker is a must have.

spark planner

4. The Spark Planner: This planner promises that it will help you become your best you in 2016. The Kickstarter states, “You don’t need to be perfect or have superpowers to be successful. You just need the right tools. Anyone can be amazing. You can be amazing.” It’s like your own personal cheer team. Plus, it’s really freaking chic.


5. The LightBox: This wireless interface-free light switch in the form of an aesthetically pleasing wood block is perfect for those of us who want to be lazy without the hokie-ness of the Clapper.

meet booy

6. Meet Booy: If you’re sick of trying to balance your tablet on non-flat surfaces with flaps and kickstands during your lounge-and-scrolls, the Meet Booy is about to make your couch potato dreams come true. Balance it on your lap, next to you in bed or even on your cat.


7. The Maya Angelou Documentary: The author, poet and activist lived an incredible life, but has never been the subject of her own biographical documentary. Until now! The documentary will feature a vast amount of photos and footage of Dr. Angelou throughout her life, along with interviews with her friends and family. The filmmakers have been working on and financing this film themselves for the past few years and need your help to reach their goal of a broadcast premiere in time for the PBS series American Masters. (Photo via Steve Exum/Getty)


8. The World’s Greatest Beanie: The “world’s best beanie” is a pretty bold claim. But KK intl. doesn’t just talk the talk — it walks the walk too. This soft, fashionable beanie considers its impact on the planet and everyone involved in making it. It’s made with 100 percent Peruvian baby alpaca yarn, which is more economical than sheep. Each beanie is hand sewn and will come with the name, signature and stories of the people involved in creating it, from the farmer, shearer, fiber selector, yarn maker and craftswoman. It’s definitely clothing you can feel good about.


9. Functional Smart Pants for Cyclists and Commuters: With these chic and comfortable pants, you no longer have to choose between style and functionality. These smart pants will adapt to your daily commute and transition effortlessly into your work life. The high-tech fabric is water, dirt and stain repellent and water absorbent on the inside to keep you body dry. And the best part? When you roll up the hem, the cuffs are reflective!


10. I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story: We all know this story pretty well. It’s the story of mistaking unrequited love for true love. This documentary is all about fangirls: celebrating them, understanding them and being one. It will feature interesting interviews with real-life fangirls, a music therapist, a psychologist, a parenting expert and even members of boybands.

Which of these Kickstarters will you be supporting? Let us know below in the comments!