The season devoted to chapped lips is almost here. Forgo dry and brittle lips by investing in a bevy of lip balms in every flavor and scent imaginable. From the Lip Smacker classics that you know and love to high-end lip stains, you’ll have no trouble finding a lip product that works for you. Here are 21 lip balms guaranteed to give you the perfect pout!

1. Whole Lotta Candy Lip Balm Set ($25): Fans of Clinique’s signature chubby sticks will want to snatch up their trio of candy-themed lip balms STAT. Expect tons of moisture, a subtle tint and a whole lotta fun.

2. Vegan Lip Balm ($6): Say hello to the latest trend on the block — vegan lip balm. Available in cinnamon mint, cocoa and tangerine lime (just to name a few), this organic moisturizing lip balm will leave your lips buttery soft and smooth.

3. Cherry Cola Lip Balm Set ($15): Proof that good things do indeed come in pairs, this cherry cola lip balm duo is everything. While one balm is tinted, the other is clear. Share one with a friend or wear both for a full-coverage look.

4. Cherry Snow Cone ($3): Hold the phone… cherry-snow-cone-flavored lip balm does exist!

5. Sweet Mint Smooth Stick Lip Balm ($3): Who needs chewing gum when you have sweet minty fresh lip balm?

6. Pomegranate Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm ($6): This pomegranate balm is perfect for the girl who wants a quick touch-up every now and again.

7. Coca-Cola Heart Pot Gloss ($4): It’s a great day for Coca-Cola and Lip Smacker lovers alike. This heart-shaped lip balm tin is a keepsake collectible that you’ll want to get your hands on.

8. Sweet Tart Lip Balm Slider Tub ($4): Satisfy your sweet tooth and get silky-smooth lips. Did we mention this lip balm slider tub is pocket friendly?

9. Dylan’s Candy Vanilla Cupcake Lip Balm ($5): For those instances when a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar isn’t in the cards, this vanilla cupcake lip balm will be a worthy substitute.

10. Frosties Lip Balm ($6): We weren’t kidding when we said that they don’t make lip balm like they used to. In the words of Tony the Tiger, this Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes flavored lip balm is gr-r-reat!

11. Summer Fruit Lip Balm ($3): Thanks to EOS, you can now hold on to summer a little bit longer. A mix of delectable fruity scents, “summer fruit” is exactly what the doctor ordered. And word on the street is that both Beyoncé and Miley line their smackers with this lip balm.

12. Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Lip Balm ($4): When your afternoon craving for freshly baked choco-chip cookies sets in, Pillsbury cookie lip balm will hit the spot.

13. Vanilla-Scented Lip Balm ($2): Okay, you got us. We might have been a tad influenced by the cutesy cupcake container, but can you blame us?

14. Apple Stick ($12): Add some unexpected zing to your lips with this green lip tint that is sure to provide jelly-like shine.

15. Pink Melon Sorbet Lip Balm ($15): Three words: Pink. Melon. Sorbet. Three more words: Sign. Us. Up.

16. Sweet Grape Lip Balm ($1): For just a buck, yeah, we’ll definitely give this grape lip balm a try.

17. Lemon Lip Balm ($8): Not only is this lip balm jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, but it’s also bursting with all-natural lemon flavor.

18. Strawberry Lip Balm ($7): Having chapped lips is not so bad when you have a strawberry scented lip balm in your arsenal.

19. Volupte Sheer Juicy Grapefruit Lip Balm ($34): YSL has unveiled a brilliant sheer lip balm that is worth the splurge. Promising hydrated lips for up to eight hours, this juicy grapefruit balm is a winner on all fronts.

20. Girl Scouts Cookie Lip Balm ($3): No longer will you have to wait until January to call dibs on your favorite Girl Scouts cookies. Thin Mints flavored lip balm (among other GS classics) is now available 365 days a year!

21. Peppermint Lip Balm ($6): We may be a tad biased, considering we stock our own store with this balm, but this 100% natural peppermint lip balm is seriously ah-mazing.

Which lip balm will you be reaching for the moment chapped lip season hits? Let us know in the comments section below!