To encounter Joy Cho’s joyful aesthetic is to love it. Whether you were first introduced to the mind behind Oh Joy! via her numerous Target collabs, or you’ve been a fan of this multi-hyphenate from the beginning, it’s hard to resist her unique talent for pairing bright pops of color with playful patterns. It’s no surprise, then, that Cho’s personal office is a perfectly on-point mix of polka dots, plush textures, metallic accents, and candy-colored hues. Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel (who’s working on making Mandy Moore’s mid century home into a true stunner as we speak) took Cho’s office from blank slate to a space worthy of such an influential creative mind.

OhJoy! is colorful and fun, but I also wanted it to feel sophisticated and adult,” Cho tells us. “The challenge was how to marry both her style and my style together in a space I would work in and flourish in every day.” Metallic accents, like the curtain rods and statement mirror, keep the space feeling grow-up despite the youthful color palette.

“Sarah really helped to marry two parts of me — my personal aesthetic and my brand’s aesthetic — together into a space that is fun, welcoming, and serves as a great representation of my brand when we have clients visit. OhJoy! product is woven throughout, along with our custom tile that covers the floors. I also keep some of our ‘best of’ products on my display shelf to remember all of the fun things we’ve created over the years,” says Cho. We can’t blame her for wanting to keep her own designs close by: That OMG planter is one of our most lusted-after Target pieces to this day.

Always on-trend, Joy’s space is finished with tasseled pillows and a millennial pink velvet couch. (We also spy fellow Target collaber Justina Blakeney‘s book on the side table!)

Even her desk chair feels unmistakably Oh Joy… what could be more glamorous than designing new products from a rose-gold perch?

Floating cabinets are all the rage, and repurposed for an office context, they bring an airy quality to the space.

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(Images via Tessa Neustadt)