Some like it hot. Some like it cold. And some days, you just want a sandwich. The OmieBox lunchbox handles all three!

This uber cute and colorful lunchbox has some serious design behind it. Organized in squares, the OmieBox has a vacuum insulated container for temperature-controlled food transportation — hot or cold. Remove the container, and you have a perfect space for a sandwich. Use the additional squares in OmieBox to hold the rest of your meal — all separate from the hot or cold entree you’ve packed!

The handles and layout are designed for even the littlest of hands — but while this may be a product for the kiddos, we’d happily tote this to the office. It also has a built in utensil holder AND is dishwasher safe. Lunchtime Hero, indeed!

The OmieBox isn’t a reality quite yet. The product is currently on Kickstarter with over a month left to go. The good news? It’s already made its goal. The product comes in three color combinations to start: Pink Berry, Blue Sky and Sunshine. Two other colors (a purple and a teal green) will become available as they reach new stretch goals. You can head on over to Kickstarter to support the OmbieBox.

While you wait for your OmieBox to arrive, be sure to check our lunchtime meal inspo to spice up your next midday meal!

What’s your favorite lunch to pack? Have you ever gotten crazy creative with your or your kids’ lunches? Tell us about it in the comments below!