Having a rough week and need a good cry? Need a little push to show some emotion? Look no further than Onion Note. This notebook from Japan will have you tearing up instantly.

The makers at Magnus Ferreus have created a notebook infused with propanethiol S-oxide, the vile and volatile sulfur compound we’ve all come to know while slicing up some oniony goodness. When you pen your most heartfelt thoughts or a to-do list in your Onion Note, the paper releases the scent of a sliced onion bringing on a stream of tears. Need an example? Roll the tape!

We’re not so sure this is how we’d like to induce a cathartic cry, but it’s definitely an interesting concept. Hmm, and sounds eco-friendly?!

What do you think? Would you carry around an onion-laden journal for your sentimental thoughts? Talk to us tear-free in the comments below!

(h/t Fast Company)