Just when you thought review sites couldn’t get better, here comes Thumbtack. The new website (that recently raised a whopping $30 million in funding btw) might have found a way to one-up sites like Angie’s List and Yelp. You know, just like the way those sites one-upped the Yellow Pages.

Founded by former White House staffer Jonathan Swanson and Columbia University grad Marco Zappacosta, Thumbtack helps you do what other review sites can’t: Connect you with the professionals you’re searching for. With a pool of more than 63,000 verified and certified professionals, Thumbtack can connect you with folks who can paint your house, DJ your wedding and even give you singing lessons. Unlike other sites, where you still have to call around for price quotes, Thumbtack directly and immediately connects you with the pros (and their prices) to get things done.

Like most things, it all starts with a search. Enter what you’re looking for and where. The range of services is virtually limitless. Seriously, you can find people who will build you a webpage, someone to help you move, personal trainers and even rent-a-Santas for your holiday party. After you’ve picked your category, Thumbtack asks you to fill out a survey that is tailor-made to your needs. (They have over 800 questions across all their categories, but they only ask you a few. Phew!) This survey helps the site deduce exactly what you need and helps your To Doers figure out if they’re the right for the job.

After your questionnaire is complete, Thumbtack pros can review your request and offer a quote for the project — free for you and the professionals pay a fee to make a bid just like advertising.

Unlike other sites, Thumbtack doesn’t have a “lowest bidder” policy. Instead, they’ll connect you with the top five people that fit your needs, be it landscaping your home or catering your next party. From there, you have an opportunity to check out customer reviews, compare prices and chat with the pro to ask questions and get a feel for their work. The best part? All of this happens within the site or on Thumbtack’s app. No pesky phone calls or flooded inboxes. Oh, and you can hire them on the spot too.

The creators plan on turning Thumbtack into a full-service site and developing customer service and even professional coaching to help those 63,000 pros expand their web presence. It all adds up to a win-win for both consumer and service provider.

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