We love telling you guys all about the latest apps that help boost your productivity, get you organized and even protect your precious Mickey D’s fries. Now we’ve found an app called Orchrd that will let you find awesome articles based on how you’re feeling.


Orchrd’s articles are put into different categories of emotions — such as Aha, Enchanted and Geeky. Today, we were feeling a little geeky, so we tapped the category and a list of hand-picked articles popped up. But the adorable factor doesn’t stop there. Each article is called a seed and if you love your seed, you get to plant it in your own “orchrd.” Just swipe down on the article and it’s planted. There’s new content daily and Orchrd remembers what you’ve clicked on to make recommendations based on your likes and dislikes. All the noise is weeded out of the Orchrd for you, so you no longer have to dig through the dirt to find something interesting.


Like the idea of hand-picked content, organized by emotion? You can download Orchrd for free on the App Store.

What topics are you in the mood for today? Tell us in the comments below!