Although more and more people are moving onto streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix for all their entertainment, some of us are clinging to our PVRs as if we’re on the sinking Titanic. Even if you don’t have cable TV, one thing that hasn’t changed that much is the television commercial. And whether or not you’re one of those boob-tube lovin’ luddites like some of us (*raises hand*), you can still catch the commercials that have everyone talking thanks to YouTube. Here are the eight best of the past year, according to us.

1. Geico Sumo Figure Skater: Did you ever expect to see a sumo wrestler glide across the ice doing a flying dutchman or corkscrew spin? We love the surreal combination of sumo and figure skating in this insurance ad.

2. Volkswagen Laughing Horses: Some of us may not be the best at parking, but we don’t have a bunch of horses laughing at our failed attempts. This commercial is for the VW “trailer assist” option for people who back up regularly with a trailer hitch. Neat feature, hilarious commercial.

3. IKEA Let’s Relax: Love love love this commercial! This combines some of our favorite things, including period costumes and IKEA. This commercial definitely has us feeling very silly about our Instagram habits but not enough that we’ll stop posting fancy dinner pics.

4. Apple Timer: Apple released a bunch of really great commercials this year, but this Cookie Monster one is our fave. Who wouldn’t want to bake cookies with the king of cookies? This commercial dropped with the 6s at the beginning of the year to announce Apple’s Hands-free Siri option.

5. Mountain Dew Puppymonkeybaby: OK, so a lot of people did not like this commercial, but its weirdness and the surprising cuteness of the Puppymonkeybaby have us hooked.

6. Old Navy Ex Boyfriend Featuring Amy Schumer: This commercial is so subtle but oh-so-awkward. Some of us may have done something similar when we ran into our exes. No judgement.

7. Geico Raccoons: Geico is on this list twice, basically because their commercials are hilarious. Who among us hasn’t made some questionable late-night food choices? These raccoons are just doing what we’ve all done before in secret.

8. AXE Find Your Magic: AXE may not be known for much more than their overly scented colognes, but this commercial, while not LOL funny, has some funny bits and some genuinely perfect moments.

Here’s to companies working on breaking out of their own molds and reaching out to new audiences, something we could all strive for.

What was your favorite commercial of 2016? Tell us @Britandco!

(Photo via Old Navy)