Funky portable speakers are fun on the go or on the beach, but when you’re in your casa? Well, then it’s nice to have a more solid system with a richer sound. And that system gets mega giant huge bonus points if you can control it with the wave of your hand… but like literally. Lazy audiophiles, meet your new BFF. His name is PACO, and he’s a minimalist bluetooth speaker flaunting some serious gesture interface.

PACO’s body is rock hard. No, seriously, it’s made from concrete, which is about as solid as it gets. Besides looking quite handsome, that solid nature creates a deeper bass sound. To polish off its already dapper aura, the concrete speaker is then covered with harmonic fir, which enhances the treble. All of this has more purpose than just being ridiculously good looking. The design allows sound to blast out 360 degrees, not just in one direction. (Unless, of course, you’re really into One Direction.;)

But obviously one of our favorite features is the gestural interface. You can control the music by moving your hand over the speaker’s sensors. Got an important incoming phone call? Place your hand over the sensors to pause the music or resume it. When your fave song comes on, hold your hand over the right sensor to crank it up. To skip a song, wave your hand over the top.

PACO streams music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your computer, phone or tablet. You have the option to connect for charging via a USB port.

We love it when form and function go together like peanut butter and jelly. The PACO speaker is designed for quality sound, and it also has a beautiful minimalist design that would fit right into any home with modern decor. The gesture interface not only makes it easy to operate, it also keeps the body free of the clutter of controls. It’s another win for Italian design.

Would you like to bring PACO home? (We’re talking about the digital speaker, of course!) Tell us what you think in the comments!